Industrial Wall Clocks

Industrial Wall Clock

The collection of Industrial wall Clocks keeps in reference the Industrial, Warehouse, Loft style. Their sizes up to 60 cm and their wrought iron design bring grandeur and elegance to your rooms. You will find it in our collection of Wall Clocks (old style) with the Design, Modern, Vintage, Wood, Vinyl, and many others, discover them!

The industrial style keeps the style of the time

From industrialization, an industrial-style developed in the last century. Over time, it has fascinated many generations with its raw materials, such as metal, wood, and wrought iron. Its soft colors decorate the interior of the warehouses of yesteryear. These functional objects that tell the time offer the charm of style and impress with their size. Most of our industrial clocks focus on large tools. Most of our Industrial Clocks have a numbering with Roman numerals, a must for style. These numbers are current and very typical. Go back in style and create your environment the old-fashioned way.

Why choose an Industrial Clock?

The wall clock gives the time in addition to decorating, which gives more charm to the interiors and brings a retro style. As industrial clocks are generally very large, it is advisable to place them in rooms with large walls. The industrial wall clock is a silent decorative object. Thanks to the quartz mechanism, large, trendy watches remain silent. With watches of this size, the great thing is that they offer both style and comfort at the same time!

Loft New York ambiance in your home with an Industrial Wall Clock

So if you dream of turning your home into a New York Loft? The Industrial Clock is the essential element for your Vintage style decoration, "factory effect" in black, brown, or metallic grey, with metallic contours, visible gears, and silence with its Quartz mechanism. Unique pieces made for you and your interior decoration! If you don't know which model to choose, take the simplest one like the Industrial Metal Compass Clock, or if you prefer with numbering in Roman numerals, choose the Industrial Metal Clock New.