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Marilyn Monroe Vintage Clock

Mickey Mouse Vintage Alarm Clock

Design Giant Wall Clock
Leslie Garrison
Absolutely Beautiful

This is a beautiful clock-- a stunning piece of art! We've received many compliments. Easy to assemble/design, too.

Great Clock, mysterious operation

I love this wall clock because the display is big enough to be seen across the kitchen, and because it doesn’t need an outlet. However, it is the 3rd clock I have purchased—one time was my fault, since it fell off an unstable mounting device and onto the hot stove. The second one worked for almost 11 months, and then after charging this last time, only displayed if it was touched (obviously not a convenient kitchen clock). This one seems to be working okay, and it came with better instructions (the second one came with a slip of paper with directions for charging but little else). I am hoping this one holds up, because it really is a perfect clock for our space, and the design is simple and elegant.


Eiffel tower wall clock

Lovely image, keeps perfect time

An easy to see silent wall clock

It said what it really is!

Vintage Red Alarm Clock Dulton

Mickey Mouse Vintage Alarm clock

I absolutely love this clock!! It’s so cute and very well made. Thank You!

Unique Scandinavian Digital Clock

Truly a nice minimalist style clock. I really love it. Instructions was a little vague out the box but their customer service was top notch and did a great job in clarifying everything.

Scandinavian Digital Clock

I ordered two Scandinavian Wall Clocks. One in beech and the other in grey. I love them both. Looks great. The only negative is my home is very bright. It faces south west and is constantly flooded with lots of natural sunlight. I had the clock on a wall opposite the window and cannot see the time during the day because of the bright sunlight. I have since move it to another location where the time can be seen all day.

Original Timer Clock
Natalie Gibbs
A great looking clock

I had one but it stopped. I hoped to get another exactly the same & I was able to. Very happy with new clock.

Great addition to the kitchen

This clock is so pretty to look at, and it works perfectly. Glad I bought it.

Ford Emblem wall clock....

We love the look of the clock and it keeps great time. It's not a Mustang clock, but a Ford emblem clock. We only wish it was easier to see the hands against the face from a distance. The black of the hands blends into the background of the clock.

quite small clock, really pretty

Quite small clock, really pretty

Alarm clock Digital sector
Michael Geisser


Nice mickey mouse Alarm Clock, thanks

Table Vintage Alarm Clock Bost
Christopher Brakus

Table Vintage Alarm Clock Bost


This clock is adorable made well and the ticking is VERY silent

Tibetan Mandala Tapestry
Patricia Kyrillos
simply perfect

It fits super great in my living room! Thank you!!!

Great addition to decor

Looks great on my wall, recommending to friends. Love it, mostly easy to apply to wall.

Nice clock with milk color the size is small and fits well on my desk and it’s is working good !!

Round Vintage Alarm Clock Bersier

Very beautiful golden alarm Clock