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Ford Emblem wall clock....

We love the look of the clock and it keeps great time. It's not a Mustang clock, but a Ford emblem clock. We only wish it was easier to see the hands against the face from a distance. The black of the hands blends into the background of the clock.

quite small clock, really pretty

Quite small clock, really pretty

Alarm clock Digital sector
Michael Geisser


Nice mickey mouse Alarm Clock, thanks

Table Vintage Alarm Clock Bost
Christopher Brakus

Table Vintage Alarm Clock Bost


This clock is adorable made well and the ticking is VERY silent

Tibetan Mandala Tapestry
Patricia Kyrillos
simply perfect

It fits super great in my living room! Thank you!!!

Great addition to decor

Looks great on my wall, recommending to friends. Love it, mostly easy to apply to wall.

Nice clock with milk color the size is small and fits well on my desk and it’s is working good !!

Round Vintage Alarm Clock Bersier

Very beautiful golden alarm Clock


Great, cool alarm clock
Back light button (tiny LED)

Vintage Mechanical Alarm Clock
Camren Vandervort

Large, cool, precision good

Table Vintage Alarm Clock Bost

This is a beautiful clock. Aside from the alarm issue, I was pleasantly pleased by how cute this clock was. The outside finish appears to be a copper alloy.

Table Vintage Alarm Clock Bost

Giant Rabbit Wall Clock
Jillian Altosino

Best clock ever! So adorable!!!

I was weary of all the electrical gear I had to utilize as an old-fashioned person. My alarm clock/radio clock is operated by an electronic genius. This alarm clock is just what I was looking for, and I am really happy with it.

The color is very pretty, a nice copper/rose gold.

The alarm clock is of good quality, reached quickly

Table Vintage Alarm Clock Bost

Good quality, I like it metal body & nice hands

Such a cute and functional clock! I love it!!

excellent as description