Steampunk Clock

Here is one of the central elements of steampunk: the Steampunk Clock!

They are, along with Gears, the symbol of retro-futurism and the Victorian era of the 19th century.

Our collection of Steampunk and Industrial Clocks is perfect if you want to add a vintage touch to your decor!

The majority are decorated with Gears and Cogs. But we also have small clocks embedded in mini airplanes, helicopters, or bikes. With our gear wall clock, Industrial Wall Clock, or Cog Clock, define your own style!

Diameter is also an important consideration when choosing a steampunk clock, as larger clocks may make a bold statement while smaller ones are perfect for adding a subtle touch of inspiration to any space.

Handcrafted metal treated against rust or natural and resistant wood according to the models Diameters ranging from a few centimeters to 100cm!

Quartz movement mechanism: precise and durable Clocks have become indispensable, they decorate our home, and our room and give a little more design to our environment.

A Steampunk clock goes further than that, it opens the doors to the Steampunk world. An atmosphere that will be felt throughout your home.

Steampunk clocks are a popular choice for those who enjoy the aesthetic of the Victorian era combined with modern technology. These clocks often feature intricate details such as gears and cogs, as well as bold Roman numerals to indicate the time.

They can be found in a variety of sizes, with some designed to sit on a desk while others are meant to hang on the wall. One of the unique aspects of steampunk clocks is the opportunity for personalization, as enthusiasts can add their own creative touches to make the clock truly their own.

steampunk gears


The steampunk style has its origin in the literature of the 19th century, during the industrial revolution. Because of this, the steampunk movement became part of our culture in a big way.

Today, this movement continues to soar in popularity. Steampunk wall clocks came in an era of industrialization and globalization, where people needed to be able to find their way through time. Our steampunk clocks are very characteristic of the era in which they were born.

Very industrial in orientation, this collection, with its visible gears and cogs, will fit in perfectly with this movement.


When it comes to interior design, everyone has their own style and preferences. In general, we like to create an atmosphere that charms and soothes us. If yours references steampunk, what is better than a steampunk clock?

We don't say it enough, but this type of wall clock is becoming more and more popular in homes and leaves no one indifferent. It completely changes the codes of modernism and brings that retro touch to your interior.

Delicately placed on the main wall, this clock will attract the attention of all your guests.

Its raw materials, generally sober, subtly create a vintage aspect that has a particular charm. When you opt for a large format model, it becomes the spearhead of your interior decoration. So why wait to stand out from the crowd?

Add a steampunk wall clock to your cart now and let the magic happen.

We love this style, linked to the industrial revolution of coal and steam. Another feature is that it never goes unnoticed. From its overall design to the execution of its finishes, everything is thought to make it stand out.

This is why it is most often attached to an ancient theme that brings back a particular experience. This is for example the case of the steampunk barber clock, which recalls the common tools of the 19th century.

We also think of more daring models, such as the apparent mechanical model, some models combine both the style of yesteryear and modern design. They are charming and simply indescribable with words. At home, they will sublimate your walls.


Certainly, clocks do not have the same value today. Their primary function of displaying the time is now secondary to their steampunk aesthetic aspect. It is therefore important to know which clock to choose in order to combine these two parameters and make the most of your decoration.

According to our experts, here is the question to ask yourself before buying a clock-style decoration.

Is this the right style for my home?

You may not know it, but your clock should be consistent with your interior. If you're going for a retro style, make sure your furniture goes with it. Although these clocks have the distinction of being all-purpose, it sometimes breaks the look.


The steampunk style is characterized by several predominant symbols, whether it is copper, bronze, pipes, or steam, but one of the most powerful symbols and time. It is a central theme in steampunk filmography.

That's why steampunk clocks are extremely popular with fans of the style. These clocks alone represent this symbol of the passing of time, a true work of art with infinitely meaningful purposes. It will immerse you in deep and thoughtful thoughts about the passage of time.

While these clocks are a true symbol of this style, they are all unique and will have very different meanings, so you will need to carefully choose the one that is right for you.

That's why, at My-Wall-Clock, we keep our catalog up to date so you have as many choices as possible. If you have a particular clock or wall art in mind, feel free to contact us so we can research and provide you with an even more personalized clock.

The Steampunk wall art

Steampunk Wall Art is a unique form of art that reflects the steampunk style and aesthetics. Steampunk art has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it is now being used to decorate living spaces, offices, and other spaces.

Steampunk art is heavily influenced by the Victorian era and the industrial revolution. It combines elements of science fiction, fantasy, and the mechanical world. The art is characterized by its use of metal, gears, pipes, and vintage items.

There are various types of steampunk wall art, including paintings, prints, and sculptures. Steampunk paintings often feature intricate designs and details, such as gears and clockwork. Steampunk prints can be created using a variety of printing techniques, including etching, engraving, and screen printing. Steampunk sculptures can be made from metal, wood, and other materials.

There are many talented artists who create steampunk wall art. Some of the most famous steampunk artists include Stephane Halleux, Datamancer, and Ian McQue. These artists create amazing steampunk designs that are both beautiful and functional.

Steampunk wall art can be made from a variety of materials. Some common materials used include metal, wood, and vintage items. The use of these materials creates a unique and industrial feel to the artwork.

Steampunk wall art can be used to decorate different spaces, such as living rooms, offices, and bedrooms. The art can be hung on walls or placed on shelves or tables. Steampunk wall art can also be customized to fit the theme and decor of a particular space.

Some steampunk wall art includes additional features, such as lighting or sound effects. These features enhance the overall aesthetic of the art and create a more immersive experience.

In conclusion, steampunk wall art is a unique and fascinating form of art that is growing in popularity. With its combination of vintage and industrial elements, steampunk wall art is sure to add character and charm to any space.