Children's Wall Clock with Pendulum

A Children's Wall Clock with Pendulum for your kid's Room

My Wall Clock has a decorating idea for your child's room. Have you thought of a Wall Clock for your baby, child, nephew, or niece? These Pendulum Clocks with Pendulum are silent of course, you must not disturb the child's sleep, we are aware of this.

A Child Wall Clock yes! But with pendulum "please"!
Discover without further delay and imagine his head when you will offer it to him and when you will hang it in his room and when he or she will thank you "Thank You! I love it too much !"

He or she won't be able to stop looking at the Children's Wall Clock, and will want to get up on time to look at his or her favorite clock! All the boyfriends and girlfriends will be waiting to hear about it!

Do you hesitate between A Wall Clock with Pendulum for Child with a Clock without? Check our Child Wall Clocks to compare designs and models. However, the Clock with Pendulum has a little extra charm... But we don't want to influence anyone! We like one by one of our models because they are each one a story for us :)

To please Children, but also Adults!
You are going to make a happy one! Congratulations! And for you then? You can't leave without discovering the preferences of the "Big" Adults with the collection of Wall Pendulums and Giant Wall Clocks. Impressive by their sizes, each one more imposing than the other, up to more than 2 m wide. They also differ in style and color, sometimes single or multi-colored.

If the Industrial Loft style attracts you more, go to the Industrial Pendulum collection, for the old style, we propose the Vintage and Cuckoo models. For the search of materials, we have the Wooden, Metal, Wood and Metal, Iron, Vinyl Disc, Glass, and even Plastic Clocks molded according to your tastes and preferences. And also, the original clocks in the Wall Clock collection.

My Wall Clock owns your future Clock!