Original Cutlery Wall Clock


Think about what comes to your mind the first time you saw this clock: is it a cutlery tray or a wall decoration?

With a sequence of spoons and forks behind each number, this wall clock is funny and creative.

The hand showing the hours is shaped like a small fork and the hand showing the minutes is shaped like a small knife. Made of metal, it is easy to clean and is stable and durable. This Cutlery Wall Clock is suitable for all types of decoration and brings a touch of fun to your home, especially in your kitchen. Some restaurant owners have already adopted it and the feedback from customers has always been favorable. So what are you waiting for? Grab one now!

Clock Size (cm): 30. Handcrafted metal: treated against rust, made to last.

Quartz movement: Precise, silent, and durable mechanism.

Original clock: Break the standards.

You won't see it anywhere else. Ideal to give as a gift. Do you have an idea? Contact us to make it happen!

Arabic numerals: Know the exact time at a glance.

Weight (g): 320.Battery Type: 1 AA battery.