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World Map Three Clocks My Wall Clock
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Brown card with black clocks
Brown card with brown clocks
Black card with brown clocks
Black card with black clocks
World Map Three Clocks
Detailed Metal World Clock My Wall Clock
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Detailed Metal World Clock
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Carved Wood World Clock My Wall Clock
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Carved Wood World Clock
Japanese World Clock My Wall Clock
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Japanese World Clock
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World Clock European Monument
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French World Clock
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Scandinavian World Clock
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World Clock Old Map My Wall Clock
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World Clock Old Map


We all know that we spend a lot of our time at home, that's why interior design is very important to feel comfortable at home. If you are a fan of travel, the world, and decoration, then our world wall clocks will please you!

Tired of decorative objects that don't mean anything to you? Then as a world traveler, a world map wall clock will be a decorative object that will represent much more than a simple clock. Our clocks have become a must-have home decor item for any world enthusiast.

Thanks to a world clock, you will sublimate your decoration with objects that remind you how much your passion matters to you. Looking at your clock you will remember which trip is next on your list and it will also remind you of your fond memories of travel. 🌎


  • In the kitchen:

The most classic place to place your world map wall clock is in the kitchen. A kitchen is always a great place for a family clock, we tend to spend most of our time there. Getting ready for work, getting the kids ready, making breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and it is the place where you will often look at your clock.

To keep the interest and avoid the expected boring clock, a world map clock, is different, it is a great way to add charm to any home. 🕜

  • In the living room:

The living room is the second most conventional and practical place to display a world clock. When not in the kitchen, the family spends most of it together in the living room. That's why it's also one of the best places for a planisphere wall clock. Plus, the living room is often the most spacious area, with the largest walls and highest ceilings in the house, making it the perfect place. 🕢

The bigger the better when it comes to the living room deco world clock, the more wall space, and the higher the ceilings, the more room you have for a large world map wall clock.

  • In the bedroom:

A world map clock is still a wonderful design decor element for any bedroom. Because the bedroom is the comfortable place where we wake up, get ready for the day, and curl up at night. So it's a nice place to have a clock within reach. . 🕑

  • Furniture | Shelf:

Vintage, modern, artistic, whatever kind of world planisphere clock caught your eye, they are also an asset to any room, but where to put them?

Displaying your clock on the nightstand, dresser, or on your shelf with your other knickknacks and decorations is a great idea. You'll add a touch to your decor and your empty furniture beautifully!

World map clocks make a great visual on a shelf. Use them as bookends to keep your books neat and tidy and add character to any shelf in your home.


For an unusual gift that will please a globe-trotting loved one, a world clock is perfect! Yes, decorative objects are becoming more and more coveted on gift lists. Interior design is very much in vogue, but it requires a budget. That's why giving a world symbol clock is a perfect idea!

You will be giving a useful gift that your loved one can look at every day, what could be better? Your friend will be happy to see how well you know him/her and you know his/her taste for decoration and his/her love for traveling with a world clock.


Our collection of world clocks will sublimate your interior for the fabulous world traveler that you are. Within our selection, you will find clocks representing the world for all types of interiors and for all tastes.

Colored world map clocks give a touch of cheerfulness to your interior, but also soberer, with discreet and soft colors. You will also find vintage-style clocks that will blend in very well with any interior decoration. In short, with world map clocks that fit any type of interior, you will find your happiness, our teams are sure!

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