Wall Clocks World Map

World Map Clocks for Online Sale

You love traveling and decorating? These Giant Wall Clocks will be perfect with their world map shape! In-wall stickers are to fix yourself (DIY Clock), in wood or metal, with frame or not, a pattern is inside the packaging to help you to fix each sticker. Mon Horloge offers a wide choice of styles and colors. Some models come with between one and five clock dials to indicate the time in different parts of the world, in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Oceania, but also with between one and five photo frames, to remind you of the most beautiful moments spent while traveling!

Giant Wall Clock, World Map

Then travel through one of these models that are very fashionable and dress the walls perfectly. A tip the Giant Wooden World map Wall Clock is one of the best sellers of the shop, appreciated for its simplicity, it's color and the color of its frames, between brown wood and black wood, you will have the choice.

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And if you are interested in the concept of stickers, discover the collection of Wall Clock Giant Stickers, offering several colors (gold, silver, black) and several styles and numbering theme, sport, profession, passions, and much more.