Projection Alarm Clock Radio

It's 2021, and you shouldn't have to get out of bed to find out what time it is, our projection alarm clocks play radio music when you wake up and broadcast the current time on the wall or ceiling, some models project the time continuously, while others display the time for a few seconds.

If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night wondering what time it is, then you definitely need a radio alarm clock projector that can display the information on your ceiling or wall, saving you from craning your neck and allowing you to fall back asleep easily if it's too early. Many of these projector alarm clocks can also display the temperature and come equipped with alarms, AM/FM radios, and convenient USB charging ports.


Many situations require the use of a projection alarm clock. In a child's room, for example, projector alarm clocks are fun and versatile learning tools. Projector alarm clocks can be an interesting way to help your child learn to tell time, if you use a model with different LED color settings, you can also help your child learn about colors. The soft lighting of most projection alarm clocks also makes them great night lights.

A Projection Alarm Clock Radio can also be a perfect design element in the home. A projected alarm clock can add to the feng shui of a room and help balance the design, virtual projections also take up less space than physical clocks, a three-foot diameter clock would require a lot of planning to hang over your fireplace.

Projector clocks are also ideal for minimalist living. In a small studio, every inch counts. If a clock sticks out five inches from the wall, it can make the room feel much smaller.

Most projection clocks fit on a shelf or in an unused corner of the room. This saves you much-needed space.