Wood and Metal Wall Clocks

Wood and Metal wall clock

Wood and Metal are raw materials that are resistant to strong character. In this collection, My Wall Clock has brought together for you all the clocks that combine these two materials!

When Wood fuses with Metal

When you fix something to the wall you have to be sure that it is of quality. Wood, when well-chosen and treated, offers exceptional quality! If it is of good workmanship it will resist to several generations, you only have to look at the antique furniture of your grandparents to realize it.

On some of our wall clocks, the base of the clock is made of wood and has a metal frame. This provides a splendid combination of raw materials. Although rustic, it is still very design-oriented and fits more and more into the current trend of returning to nature. With a wall clock in wood & metal, your interior will have an element of nature sublimated by the hand of Man.