Child Wall Clock

Children's Wall Clock, with printed Animal design

Your child would love to have his own clock in his room, if only to decorate his room and not feel lonely.

Our entire collection of Child Wall Clocks features little drawings of cute animals on it to make him or her travel in a perfect decor.

My Wall Clock makes you discover its most beautiful sections in it's collection.
Your child will be happy to have one, as much for learning the time as for the decorative effect.

And why not a Children's Clock?

Discover also the children wall clocks with Silent Pendulum, which bring extra life to the children's room with more colours.

No more time to get bored with this type of Clock, without getting bored with your new animal friend in drawing, the adventure begins!
It even makes children want to learn how to tell the time. Efficient isn't it? There are even Clocks with 24-hour reading in one go! To discover!