Led Wall Clocks

Choosing a Led Wall Clock

Have you decided to change your wall decoration while staying in fashion? Opt for a Clock with Led lighting. Mon-Horloge presents you its choices, with style, design, and modernity. A beautiful technology that allows you to see more clearly at night, with red, blue, green, and many other Led lighting, you will have the choice of color!

The characteristics of our Led Clock

Discover our collection of Luminescent Clocks, In black or white, on vinyl or glass discs, the Led Clock will highlight its symbols and themes represented on it. A perfect way to dress up your walls. If you are interested in the Led style, but you are looking for other shapes of Clocks or Pendulums, don't hesitate to have a look at our collection of Design Wall Clocks, with dials in the theme of animals, in the shape of the compass, giant watches, you will find the Clock you need at Mon Horloge. A magnificent decoration for a sublime interior.

Example of a photo of the Led Coffee Time Clock with its luminescent blue color (choice of other colors):

If you are more interested in the simple style of Vinyl Disc Pendulums than in the Led style, check out the Vinyl Clock collection.