Cuckoo Clocks

The charm of a Cuckoo Clock

Unique design, Ancient Charm of yesteryear, the Clock inspired by black forest models, in the shape of a house-chalet, colored or not, makes you think of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents who had one at home.

Adopt a Cuckoo Clock at home

Were you thinking about the animal? Well no, we were talking about the Clock of course! But you can adopt the animal if you want. The cuckoo bird of these Pendulums will set the rhythm of your daily life every hour, it will come out of its window to sing the hours (the volume can be turned ON/OFF and be and paused at night. The pendulum movement is silent. It's a whole that does what makes it wonderful and appreciated by all.

The Cuckoo Clock does not lose its charm through time.

It is based on the old, modern models with cone-shaped counterweights, still with a dial that indicates the time with Roman or Arabic numerals. Those of today no longer need to be wound every day or every week to operate, the system is automated with a quartz movement.

To each his own Cuckoo Clock Wall Clock

Choose the model that will best match your interior decoration, whether it is in Black Forest style wood, molded plastic, or design style wood (case), monochrome, colored, or flash color. It's all a question of taste and the effect you are looking for in your home, useful and functional, or just decorative, small, medium, or "traditional" size.

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