How to Decorate Bohemian Style ?

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How to Decorate Bohemian Style ?

The bohemian style, before being a fashion of clothing or a way of decorating one's house, is a state of mind, a way of being based on the motto of carpe diem. In other words, a person qualified as bohemian knows how to enjoy the present moment without getting caught up in trivia. They are open-minded and have a deep sensitivity to nature, art and literature.

The bohemian is an eternal optimist and a great dreamer. Generally, one does not become a bohemian, one is born a bohemian. On the other hand, it is up to us to adopt or not the bohemian style. For this, it is necessary to create a perfect harmony between its spirit, its place of life and its clothing style. This is what we will see.

Revamp your interior with a bohemian decor

Bohemian interior design

Located somewhere between travel and romance, the bohemian style is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming interior. Who says travel, says memories, and, although the bohemian is not a materialistic person, he likes to incorporate some souvenirs of travel to his decoration. This allows for a unique decoration in perfect harmony with his soul. In addition, it is always good for the mind to let a little air of vacation float through your home. Anti-depression tip guaranteed!

Unlike the Scandinavian style which favors neutral colors like white or beige, the bohemian decor invites us to mix colors to warm up the room. To keep the look uncluttered, we add color in small touches, preferring warm tones like pink, yellow or red. Decorative objects and textiles like to be adorned with patterns, most often with ethnic and Native American inspiration.

To sublimate its walls and create an interior decoration that looks like us, we think of fixing a beautiful bohemian wall hanging. The wall hanging has the advantage of being able to be declined in a multitude of prints, it is easy to set up and allows to transform a room in the wink of an eye.

Bohemian decoration offers a place of choice to natural materials. Thus, we do not hesitate to hunt for objects made of wood, rattan or linen, which will bring softness and authenticity to the interior. We think of wicker baskets, wooden stools, linen cushions or even wall macramé. On the floor, we come to warm the room with a thick Berber carpet. We can choose it colored to energize the room or in neutral tones to soothe the spirits.

A bohemian interior decoration cannot be perfect without adding a couple of touches of greenery. The bohemian is a person close to nature, who seeks to reconnect with the elements. To bring a touch of originality and especially optimize his space, we choose a beautiful suspension in macramé to hang his green plant on the ceiling.

Get some decoration ideas in our wall ideas decor guide !

Renew your wardrobe with bohemian clothes

bohemian clothes

Once you have a place to live in line with your bohemian personality, it's time to tackle your wardrobe. We take advantage of spring to make a big sorting and renew your wardrobe with beautiful bohemian clothing trends.

Bohemian fashion has been around for years and is always in style. It is timeless and timeless. It has evolved over the generations to adapt to the values of today's society. Feminine and relaxed are the key words of this style.

To adopt a 100% bohemian look, we prefer colors and natural materials. Cotton, linen or silk chiffon are very popular fabrics. For the ornaments, the bohemian style loves lace, embroidery, beads and bangs. As for the prints, they can be floral or ethnic inspired. Finally, the colors of clothing must absolutely be present in nature, namely beige, brown, sky blue or brick red. Flashy and fluorescent colors are to be avoided.

To guide you, here is a small but not exhaustive list of the essentials of the bohemian style:

  • The bohemian dress: the essential of the bohemian style. We choose it plain or flowery, straight or loose, short or long. If you had to buy only one piece of clothing, it would probably be a long bohemian dress with a slightly vintage floral print.
  • The long skirt: it can be worn on vacation, on weekends, during the week... It adapts to your desires and can be mixed with different tops to create different styles. In duo with a vintage t-shirt, you get a bohemian rock look for example.
  • The blouse or the blouse: these tops are generally fluid, vaporous and decorated with lace or embroidery. We wear them with a pair of pants, denim shorts or a high-waisted skirt.
  • The leather or denim jacket: for cool evenings, the denim jacket can be worn over a dress or a blouse. Timeless, we choose it with pretty colored embroideries for more pep. The leather jacket, as for her, gives a nice rock'n'roll side to the outfit.

The bohemian style would not be complete if we omit to talk about jewelry and accessories! The bohemian likes to go out with a hat, a scarf in the hair, retro sunglasses ... The handbag can be black leather, with bangs or ethnic embroidery. On the side of the jewels, we prefer them artisanal, in gold or silver. The natural stone jewelry is particularly appreciated. They bring a nice touch of color to the outfit and emphasize your femininity.

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