5 Easy Wall Decorating Ideas

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5 Easy Wall Decorating Ideas

A large white wall is the perfect playground to let your imagination run wild and awaken your inner creative spirit!

Did you know... personalizing your home is a great way to create an environment conducive to harmony and well-being ☯. All the more reason to get started and express your talents. Are you lacking inspiration? Here are five original ideas to easily decorate your empty walls without a headache. Guaranteed whaouu effect 😄 !

Wall decorating idea #1: Adopt a bohemian decor with a wall macrame

bohemian macrame

Bohemian style is the trend that is gradually invading our homes by breaking the codes of conventional, bland and soulless decoration. More than a decoration, it is a real way of life that aspires to authenticity and travel.

Macramé is your best ally to establish a boho decoration in the blink of an eye.

After a long time on the back burner, this handcrafted knot-based weaving technique is coming back into fashion to breathe a vacation 🌞 and light-hearted vibe into your living room, bedroom or even your office.

Macramé has become a must-have bohemian decor element that composes beautifully with a warm, bright and natural decor. Above a sofa or hanging at the head of a bed, the macramé hanging is ideal to personalize your decor easily and without breaking the bank.

Wall decorating idea #2: Create a pretty wall of photo frames

photo frame decor

Decorating your wall with a photo frame is quite ordinary, but why not revisit this great classic to modernize it a bit?

Accumulating photo frames or pretty vintage posters above the sofa or in a hallway is easy to do and super trendy. To do this, choose pretty frames of all sizes and fill them with alternating art photos and inspirational quotes. If you want to personalize your decor even more, select your own family 👩👧👦 or vacation photos.

In order to maintain a certain unity that will ensure a successful decor, it is important to follow some rules. When choosing your photos, you can opt for black and white or color images, but avoid mixing the two.

As for photo frames, it is quite possible to mix several sizes. In this case, it will be preferable to select models of the same style and the same color.

On the other hand, you can very well do the opposite; that is to say, keep the same size for all the frames but choose different colors and different materials. Don't forget to match the color of the frames with the dominant color of your existing decor.

Wall decorating idea #3: Let your imagination run wild with masking tape

masking tape design

If you're feeling creative, then it's time to indulge yourself with masking tape. This adhesive tape made of rice paper comes to us straight from Japan. It has many benefits for interior decorating, including the fact that it is repositionable and doesn't leave a trace of glue on the wall after peeling it off 🤗. We must say that this feature is quite attractive for all those who want to decorate their apartment without taking too much risk.

You can find masking tape rolls of all colors, with many patterns and even different widths to satisfy all your desires. With this element of wall decoration, the possibilities are endless and can go from a simple geometric shape to the realization of a splendid street art style wall art 🎨! So arm yourself with several colorful adhesive tapes and let your imagination run wild to energize your empty walls.

Wall decorating idea #4: Transform a room with a decorative wall hangings

decorative wall fabric

As an alternative to wallpaper, fabric wall decorations have come back into fashion in recent years. It allows to warm up your interiors for more cocooning.

There are two types of wallpaper: the fabric directly glued on the wall and the decorative canvas wall that you hang with tacks.

The latter has the advantage of not damaging the wall while the gluing option is particularly practical and quick to install.

Thanks to the decorative wall hanging, you will be able to camouflage the small defects of the wall by smoothing the small asperities or by hiding tasks, for example.

Choose a wall fabric in a plain color or patterned according to your desires. There is an infinite variety. This way, you can create the decorative atmosphere of your choice. Remember to match the color with your furniture. You can install the wall hanging on your wall or hang it from the ceiling. In any case, do not cover more than two walls in each room to avoid the too much effect 🙃

Favor natural materials such as hemp, linen, wool, silk or cotton that will give a more authentic and chic atmosphere.

The wall hanging is not only for walls, there are also many original ways to use this decorative fabric.

Wall decorating idea #5: Illuminate your room with beautiful garlands of lights

garlands light design

Ideal to create a subdued atmosphere in your room or your living room, the light garlands bring a lot of poetry to your interiors. These simple small bulbs of various shapes and sizes are very affordable and are particularly easy to install. All you need is a power source nearby. Remember to measure the length of the cables to match the size of your wall.

LED bulbs have the advantage of not heating up. They come in a variety of shades from white to yellow, with varying degrees of warmth and coolness. White is perfect for a retro bohemian decor. Some garland lights offer lighting and color options that can be programmed with a remote control.

You also have the garland guinguette with lanterns in the form of balls that brings a discreet and trendy lighting. They can be electric, battery operated or solar.

Just like lanterns, they are very popular for decorating gardens. This type of garland magnifies your interiors as well as your exteriors.

Place a thin garland light to surround your headboard or hang it on both sides of the wall for a romantic effect 💓. You can also hang photos or other fancies with small clips. Let your creativity speak for itself. The light garland can also be used to highlight your favorite frames. We love its bluffing side and that touch of magic it gives off.

There are many ways to decorate a white wall: macramé, photo frames, masking tape, wall fabric or even string lights are enough to embellish your rooms in just a few minutes. So let your imagination run wild and create an atmosphere that suits you. The main thing is to feel good at home 🧘.

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