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Recycling is becoming more and more meaningful in our lives. Most objects that we think are no longer useful can have a second life. A clock is an indispensable object in every home because it is important to always know the time, wherever you are. Moreover, it can also become a really interesting decorative accessory, thanks to the recycling of objects that have lost their original usefulness. Today, we are going to see a compilation of 15 unique decorative clock ideas to make with everyday objects. You will be able to create your own wall clock in the most original and simple way possible. It can be placed in a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or playroom. Are you ready? Let's go!


DIY wall clock | What does DIY mean?

We will start with the basics, if you are a DIY and decoration enthusiast you will certainly know this term but for beginners, we will explain it!


The term DIY is an abbreviation of the English expression "Do it yourself" which means "Do it yourself". This term describes the tendency to make yourself decorative objects such as lamps, clocks, jewelry, and all kinds of accessories... Instead of buying them directly from a store, you make them yourself. 


Behind the DIY, there is the desire to own unique items and to move away from the big mass market where many things look and work exactly the same. At the same time, it can also bring a great sense of pride and satisfaction to have created something beautiful or practical for yourself. What may seem complicated at first may become easier with practice and practice.


In this article, we will only give you some amazing clock ideas to reproduce at home. Now that everyone is at the same level we can get started!




What material to make a DIY wall clock?

In this article, we will show you clocks that can be made with very little material. For the creation of these clocks, you will need :


Everyday objects and materials, such as beer bottles, pencils, ties, old magazines, and anything else you can find in your house to be thrown in the trash. The idea is to give these accessories a second life!

A wall clock mechanism. You will find it very easily on the internet or in a DIY store. You can also recover a mechanism on an old clock or pendulum that is abandoned in the attic.

Glue, glue tabs, or glue to glue elements together.

A drill is recommended but it will depend on the thickness of the surface to be crossed.

A pinch of creativity and passion for do-it-yourself to give new life to these objects previously destined for the trash can!

Top 15: DIY wall clock with recycled objects

These achievements can be a good way to occupy a rainy weekend or, at the moment, help us to better live the time of confinement! Some creations can be made with your children to get them off the screens and have a good time with the family! We have selected a list of 15 DIY wall clocks but you can let your imagination run wild!


1- Giant DIY clock with stickers

Good news, these splendid clocks are available on the site clock of time! Click directly on "giant clock" to access our range of products.  We provide you with all the kit you need to make these magnificent decorations (you will still need an AA battery and a nail or peg to hold the clock mechanism to the wall). You will find an infinite choice of wall clocks with different numbers and symbols. In addition to adding a trendy touch, you will have a great time decorating your home.




2- Diy clock with vinyl disc

You surely have an old 33 or 45 rpm that you don't listen to anymore! This is a perfect round support to make a clock. You just have to place the mechanism at the back and put the hands on the front of the record. There are many tutorials on the internet. If you don't want to do it yourself, you can get the best vinyl wall clocks in our store!

Come and discover many other ideas to turn your vinyl records into a decorative object.


vinyl clock


3- Diy clock with a bicycle wheel

If you have an old bike in the house that you no longer use, remove a wheel and turn it into a wall clock. Add the mechanism behind it and hang the wheel on a house wall. The effect is really huge because the wheel is so big. You can paint the rim to give the clock the color you want.


What a wonderful wall clock is it? Making a DIY clock out of a bicycle wheel is nothing complicated! Now it's up to you!


bicycle wheel clock


4- Diy clock with dominoes

If you are a board game lover and you are looking to use your old dominoes then why not make this domino wall clock to decorate your home? This rustic style clock is a great addition to your playroom. For this realization, you will need some wooden boards to make the base (pallet wood also works), dominoes, and the mechanism of a clock. As you can see, it is not very complicated.


domino clock


5- Diy clock with photo frame

This is a nice clock totally personalized for your interior wall decoration. Proudly display your favorite family photos on the walls of your living room. Every time you look at the time at home, you will remember all the precious moments spent with your loved ones. Not only is it easy to do, but you'll have the option to change the photos regularly to refresh and update your decor.


You can also make these frameless decorative clocks with your Polaroid photos for a retro look! You will have a great time and this clock will be a great conversation piece for your family and friends.


photo frame clock


6- Diy clock with ties

It's a rather original idea to recycle your old ties that you no longer use and that you leave in the back of a closet. The clock could be a vintage accessory for a room in your house.


tie clock


7- Clock DIY with beer bottles

Instead of throwing your beer bottles in the trash, why not reuse them to create a unique item? Use a wooden board as a dial and then attach the twelve bottles. You can also replace the bottles with cans or even caps. Leave total freedom to your imagination! 


beer clock


8- Clock DIY with a painting palette

Nothing could be simpler, an old paint palette, tubes of color, the clock mechanism, and it's done. Just buy hooks to fix it to the wall. This fantastic clock will decorate your home for an artistic look.


paint palette clock


9- Diy clock with ocean pebbles

You will need pieces of wood and stones to assemble this maritime style DIY clock. All you have to do is walk on the beach to collect what the sea throws back on the shore.


pebble clock


10- Diy clock with kitchen utensil

This is a great project to recycle your old kitchen utensils. You can make a clock with an old colander, stove. It's a unique decoration for your kitchen!


sieve clock


11- Diy clock with diskette

Do you remember the floppy disks? You may have some left at home, so nothing better than using them to make this amazing clock. As you can see, it's extremely easy. You have to embed the clock mechanism into one of the floppy disks and stick them together, giving them the shape you want. For a newer look, you can use CDs instead.


floppy disk clock


12- Clock DIY with cork stopper

This do-it-yourself project is very simple to carry out. For this, you will need cork stoppers recovered from wine bottles, a cork base (for example a coaster), chopsticks, and the mechanism of a wall clock. First, you prick the cork stoppers on the chopsticks which you can paint if you wish. Then you glue the mechanism on the cork base and then you fix the sticks on the base of the clock. It will be perfect on the kitchen wall!


cork clock


13- Clock DIY with a book

You probably have some old books at home that are damaged or that you won't read again. In this case, you can turn your old books into a table clock or wall clock! Nothing could be simpler, make a hole in the cover page of the book, cut out a few pages to insert the mechanism and that's it! No need to be a do-it-yourselfer!


DIY book clock


14- Diy clock with pen

You certainly still have some felt-tip pens whose ink needs to dry. Why not use them to make this fun and colorful clock? To do this, you need to take 12 markers, attach them to the clock mechanism as you see in the picture. This clock will be perfect for a child's room.


pen clock


15- Diy clock with wooden logs

Cut out small wooden logs and glue them together to give volume to the dial of your future clock. It will create a beautiful rustic texture!


log clock


We hope that all these ideas have inspired you for your future DIY creations! Don't hesitate to check out the social networks Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest for more DIY decorating ideas!



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