What are the Key Elements of Scandinavian Style Interiors ?

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Over the past decade, a trend has emerged in many homes to give them a fresh look! We refer to the Nordic style, which is a mix of Scandinavian cold and the warmth of our homes, providing large doses of elegance.


The Nordic style of decoration, also known as the Scandinavian style, was born in the northern European countries: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland. Despite this, it has been welcomed in all countries and continents, becoming the most trendy style in recent decades. This decorative style has completely conquered the whole world!


The Nordic style is a decoration that relies on sophistication, sobriety, and harmony, managing to provide the warmth necessary to fight against low outside temperatures, but without forgetting its roots. The Nordic style takes advantage of the natural materials that surround it, from light to wood, to offer a result that will make you fall in love with it! In this article, we are going to give you all the useful and necessary information so that you can make a success of your Scandinavian decoration too!


succeed in your Scandinavian decoration


The advantages of Scandinavian or Nordic style!

Affordable price: Scandinavian style is based on practical and functional principles, this world of decoration does not rely on quantity. The designers of this movement wanted quality furniture available for all budgets, not only for the wealthy. Therefore, you can choose from a wide range of items at different prices. This makes the Scandinavian look accessible to everyone because it is quite possible to get this modern and elegant look at a reasonable price.


Spacious look: One of the best things about Scandinavian furniture is that it has beautiful clean lines. Using this type of furniture in your home can make a small living room look much bigger. A few well-chosen pieces of furniture can be enough to provide all the comfort you need without overloading or cluttering up a room. Combine them with the neutral color palette that Scandinavian style is so well known for, and you will make your home brighter, brighter, and bigger!


Modern and trendy decoration: Scandinavian style is known for its simplicity, its "natural" aspect, and its modern approach. This is one of its main advantages because it is both elegant and practical. A simple and modern look is easy to maintain and keep clean. This look also offers a clean environment that is both relaxing and soothing for a hygienic interior.


Organization: Another key advantage of the Scandinavian style is that it takes into account the need for storage and organization. It is very important in our modern life that we have enough storage space for our material goods. There are many Danish furniture options, designed with this in mind so that you can keep things hidden and out of sight. If we do not have enough storage space then our rooms can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. 


Neutral: Finally, the color palette of the Scandinavian style is mainly on neutral tones. Working with a neutral color palette in interior design is easy and can suit any room in your home. Most of the furniture is also on wood tones, so it can be moved from one room to another, depending on your needs and desires. The same versatility can be found in Scandinavian-style decorations and accessories. Most items are not room-specific, it is easy to create a relaxed look by mixing and matching items as the mood takes you.


Scandinavian chair


The characteristics of the Scandinavian or Nordic style!

Light: the most precious asset of the Nordic style!

The Scandinavian countries are not precisely distinguished by their long sunny days. Quite the contrary. They spend a large part of the year in darkness. Indeed, especially in winter, the sun can rise at 9 am and set at 3 pm, which is why every ray of sunshine is considered a treasure. The main objective of modern northern decoration is to take advantage of this precious resource.


Everything is designed to multiply the brightness in the room and avoid any dark corners. Forget bulky curtains, your windows should let in natural light, this is a very important element in Scandinavian style! As the sun must penetrate your home, it is necessary to avoid bulky furniture. A spacious room will allow light to reach every corner of your home more easily.


For dark days and nights, make sure you have enough artificial lighting: lampshade, candle, hanging lamp, floor lamp...


Scandinavian bed


The color white: the key element of Scandinavian decoration!


We want the interior of our house to be illuminated and to achieve this, there is nothing like painting the walls white. All walls are usually this color but you can still cover a wall with modern geometric patterns to give it color. Floors and ceilings also tend to be off-white, in addition to brightening the room, the color white will provide a sense of space, making it ideal for small areas!


Plus, it is one of the easiest colors to match. In the Nordic style, we find touches of beige or grey on some walls, furniture, and decorative elements. But black is more and more common as a secondary color, which gives a unique and design touch! Black should only be used to make small contrasts, an excessive use could harm your Scandinavian decoration.


Beware that brighter colors such as red, yellow, green, or blue should also be present but in small doses. They will bring colorful touches and energy whether in the living room, in the hallway, or the bedrooms.


Nordic interior decoration 


Open spaces: for an airy style!

In addition to their simple color schemes, Scandinavian designers choose not to clutter up their spaces with too much furniture. Swedish wooden furniture is a must, but it should not be abused. To create a nordic look, each piece of furniture must have a function. We want spacious rooms, so we have to make sure that the space in our home is kept to a minimum.


Scandinavian interiors are very airy, this increases the feeling of minimalism a little more!


Scandinavian style of decoration


Nature: closely linked to the Nordic look!

Nothing works here without natural materials! Wood should not be missing because Scandinavian light wood furniture is the basis for a Nordic look that is both rustic and modern. 


Leather is another material that is not lacking in this style, both in chairs and sofas. 


Flowers and potted plants are an omnipresent element in Scandinavian design. In addition to adding life, these plants also bring a lot of color to your room. Especially with the neutral tones of Scandinavian decor, vegetation completes the space. Plastic plants can be a good option.


Scandinavian accessory


Textiles: to warm up nordic rooms!

As this style comes from cold countries, the textile is a fundamental element of Nordic decoration. It is therefore not surprising that northern countries use a maximum of natural textures to warm themselves in their own space. Invest in curtains and soft carpets, perfect as a decorative element. And also in blankets, plaids, bed throws to arrange them on beds, armchairs, and sofas to bring comfort and warmth to your living space. Wool and soft cotton are to be preferred!


Straight and geometric shapes: emblematic of the Nordic style!

Scandinavians like order and practicality, so anything symmetrical is appreciated to decorate a Nordic house. It is indisputable that the Scandinavian style and geometry go perfectly together! Well defined straight lines should not be missing. Tables, furniture, and desks are designed with simple and pure geometrical shapes. Extravagant designs have no place here.


Scandinavian sofa


Scandinavian decorative object essential to succeed in the Nordic style!

Sometimes, it is not enough to transform a room and give it the style you are looking for. Here we are going to give you the elements to possess to be in perfect adequacy with the Nordic theme! For a 100% Scandinavian decoration make sure you have the most elements listed below.


Scandinavian clock

Both useful and functional, the Scandinavian wall clock is essential for successful Scandinavian wall decoration! In our store, you will find a wide choice of clocks, different shapes, and colors for a Nordic universe! 


Scandinavian clock


Scandinavian Cushion

Cushions with geometrical patterns are very appreciated to give charm and color to a Nordic sofa. You can also opt for cushions with representations of nature on them, they are very trendy for this style.


Scandinavian cushion


Scandinavian candlestick

Take candles to avoid the dreaded Scandinavian darkness. Electric light is all very well, but you will only come into contact with the Nordic magic through fire.


Scandinavian candle


Scandinavian vase or flowerpot 

You can choose a normal flowerpot or a levitating flower pot to bring originality to your decoration! Vases with beautiful fresh or artificial flowers are perfect for a touch of nature in your northern interior!


Scandinavian vase


Scandinavian carpet 

Soft and thick carpets with geometric patterns are useful for a Nordic style. They bring the cozy and warm side so much sought-after in this decorative universe!


Scandinavian rugs


Scandinavian Curtain 

The curtains will bring a final touch to your interior. Choose very light curtains to dress your windows. As we have seen above, it is important to let the light pass through your rooms so you must be very careful when choosing the color of your curtains.


Scandinavian curtain


Scandinavian painting or canvas 

Paintings are very important in the wall decoration of a room. They allow you to break the monotony of a wall. Favor white canvases with black writings, canvases of nature, or canvases with pastel-colored geometric patterns.


Scandinavian painting


Scandinavian blanket and throw 

Coarse mesh blankets, plaids, and throws can be used for purely decorative purposes but also as a means of warming up during the coldest months. Place them at the end of your bed or on the back of your sofa for a cocooning, warm, and comfortable style.


Scandinavian blanket


Scandinavian coat hanger

It will be functional at the entrance of your home. There are wall-mounted coat racks and standing coat racks, it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best.


Scandinavian coat rack


Scandinavian lighting 

Floor lamps, small lamps, and pendants are the most appropriate lighting fixtures for your soft winter evenings.


Scandinavian lamp


Scandinavian furniture (chair, coffee table, sofa)

Scandinavian furniture is atypical because of its straight lines and shapes. You can't ignore this type of furniture.


Scandinavian furniture


Scandinavian hexagonal shelf

The shelves are perfect for displaying accessories such as pine nuts, books, plants, and carefully selected details.


Scandinavian Shelf


The different rooms of a Scandinavian or Nordic house

Scandinavian cuisine

There are six essential characteristics for a Nordic style, which should never be forgotten: white, wood, geometric patterns, open spaces, textiles, and light. By keeping these six elements in place, each piece will inevitably have a Scandinavian flavor. In the kitchen, the brightness of white and the naturalness of wood characterize not only the furniture but also the walls and floor. It's a good idea to add a touch of black on the furniture, windows, and accessories to highlight the geometric structure.


Scandinavian Kitchen

There are six essential characteristics for a Nordic style, which should never be forgotten: white, wood, geometric patterns, open spaces, textiles, and light. By keeping these six elements in place, each piece will inevitably have a Scandinavian flavor. In the kitchen, the brightness of white and the naturalness of wood characterize not only the furniture but also the walls and floor. It's a good idea to add a touch of black on the furniture, windows, and accessories to highlight the geometric structure.


Scandinavian kitchen


Scandinavian Lounge

The living room is one of the most suitable rooms to be furnished in a Nordic style. The characteristics to be respected are always the same. It is possible to insert more colorful details, to revive and warm the room: the idea is to choose light shades and pastel colors. Limit as much as possible the number of pieces of furniture to leave an airy space.


Scandinavian living room Scandinavian dining room


Scandinavian Bedroom

Comfort and relaxation should be the sensations you feel in a Nordic style room. It should also be a welcoming refuge to rest. Favor wooden flooring and furniture. The color palette includes, as always, white combined with cool shades of gray. The furniture should be sober and essential. A comfortable bed with, for example, simple stools to replace a bedside table.


Scandinavian kitchen


Scandinavian bathroom

Even in the bathroom, the rules are the same. White looks great on the walls combined with wood. To increase the brightness of the environment, it is good that the wood used is clear. To accentuate geometries and create a clean and simple environment, it is best to avoid rounded shapes.


Scandinavian bathroom

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