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Geometric Scandinavian Wallpaper - Lohja My Wall Clock
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Geometric Scandinavian Wallpaper - Lohja
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If there is a decoration that can be noticed at a glance in a room, it is certainly the wallpaper. It dominates a large part of your interior. That's why it's important to choose it with taste.

In this Scandinavian wallpaper collection, we have many wallpapers ranging from simple to original. We invite you to browse our entire collection to find the one that suits you best.


Looking for trendy wallpaper? We have a whole collection for you to choose from. These wallpapers are mainly based on the main themes of Scandinavian decoration.

Themes that are both simple and modern and contribute to the updating of your interior. Indeed, the Scandinavian style is currently very popular. This means that as soon as you opt for a Scandinavian decorative piece, your interior will look more sophisticated.


Whatever your interior style, you're sure to find the right wallpaper for you. We have geometric-style wallpapers. And here again, you have a choice of graphics and colors.

We have the more sober and minimalist, black and white like the Scandinavian wallpaper Loimaa. It can fit perfectly with your style, whether it is Scandinavian or not. We offer the same style but with colors like mustard yellow, sky blue, powder pink, gray, ...

If you want a more colorful atmosphere with livelier prints, opt for the Scandinavian wallpaper with jungle, nature, or animal prints. A brilliant idea to dare to bring a color a little off the main Scandinavian colors like green.

This helps to relax the atmosphere and brighten up the whole which is often too light. To bring this touch, we suggest the Parkano wallpaper.


Scandinavian wallpapers have undeniable decorative aspects. They allow the whole decoration to stand out. There is nothing more effective to sublimate your apartment.

These wallpapers can transport you to a whole new horizon. Kuusamo Scandinavian wallpaper makes you feel like you are in the middle of the forest. An artistic touch is especially marked by the depth of colors and animated by some deer.

It is the ideal wallpaper if you are fond of trompe l'oeil decorations. These nature wallpapers are witnesses of the strong connection between Scandinavian decoration and nature. This link makes Nordic interiors so warm.


You can put wallpapers in every room of your house. You can put it even in your kitchen. You just have to find the right wallpaper for the room and you're done!

For the bedroom, we have for example the Scandinavian Laitila wallpaper. It offers you a very soft and elegant decor. A wallpaper is similar to a work of art. Perfect to have a welcoming and bright room. Its colors are of great finesse.

We also have Scandinavian wallpaper Lappeenranta. It consists of more cheerful and colorful patterns. Ideal for reinventing the decoration of your bedroom. Despite the tropical atmosphere on this wallpaper, its colors are true to the Scandinavian style. It consists mainly of light colors: blue, green, gold, white.

For the kitchen, we will present as a sample the Scandinavian wallpaper Kotka. Its pastel green color and white prints will be an added value to your kitchen. Scandinavian style or not, this wallpaper will easily take a place in your kitchenette.

As for the living room, there is a multitude of choices available in Nordic style. Choose the one that suits you according to the decoration already present.


The good thing about wallpaper is that it is easy to install. It takes no more than a day to glue it down. And you can also peel it off without too much effort when the time comes. For now, we'll work on the gluing.

Before doing so, remember to wash the area where the wallpaper will be glued. The glue adheres better when the surface is clean. Next, remove light switches, outlets, and other items that might interfere with your work.

To begin, choose a corner, preferably the edge of a door, to install the first strip. Always check for verticality with a spirit level for best results.

Then, cut the first strip of your roll. With a 10m roll, you can make an average of 3 to 4 strips. Measure your strip, then measure the wall to draw a mark.

With a glue brush, stick well the back of your wallpaper. Allow time for the glue to permeate the paper. Now, install the wallpaper following the mark previously established.

Leave a few centimeters of safety towards the ceiling. Glue from top to bottom. To better see if your wallpaper is well-positioned, take a step back. Don't hesitate to peel off and carefully replace the strip if it doesn't follow the mark.

Then with the wallpaper brush, tap the whole to avoid air bubbles. Then, take the second strip and do the same. Do not forget to ensure the continuity of the prints to bring out the desired design. The idea is to put the side of the strips by side, making sure that the images complement each other. Do not overwrite one strip with another.

When you have finished placing the whole of your wallpaper, wipe with a sponge the surplus of glue. And with a box cutter, cut out the excess and make room for the light switches and the rest. Now you can reinstall them and enjoy your new decor!

We've only displayed a small portion of the Scandinavian wallpaper collection. For more details on each of them, visit the full Nordic Style collection. Besides the papers, we also have Scandinavian clocks and other decorative items, all in the Scandinavian spirit!