Best Scandinavian Wall Clocks In USA

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Best Scandinavian Wall Clocks In USA - My Wall Clock

Scandinavian Wall clocks Are you looking for updated wall clocks to meet the standards of this digital world? Well, then congratulations you’re at the right place! You can get the best quality digital Scandinavian wall clock designs according to your desire here. You know what sucks most about the regular mechanical wall clocks? Their tik-tik and needle functioning, that reminds us of the old centuries.

Scandinavian wall clocks are cheap and are made up of natural and resistant wood from eco-responsible forests, and their surfaces are treated with a layer of PVC and fibers to make them completely waterproof. So, you can hang these wall clocks anywhere you want. These wall clocks are more ecologic and durable than regular ones. Their fascinating wood, white, and grey colors can give not only a decent look to your home but also reflects your personality.

Whether you need wall clocks for your living room, bedrooms, main entrance, outdoor, or even offices; there is something here for you. Browse through our Scandinavian Clock Digital Circle and start building the home of your dreams!



Specs and features

While searching for the top 10 best digital wall clocks online, you will always find the best Scandinavian wall clocks in that list. But how would you know if it’s the right choice for you? For your ease, we have enlisted all of its features and specs in the following table. It will help you to have a look at all of its features at once. 

  • Style: Scandinavian
  • Composition: Wood
  • Clock Type: Digital
  • Color variety: Wood, white, grey
  • Weight of clock: 1.23 kg
  • LED Lights: Yes
  • Dial diameter: 12 Inches
  • Special Feature: Ecological & durable
  • Protected by: PVC layer
  • Power supply: Battery
  • LCD screen: Audible & easy to read
  • Brightness: Adaptable
  • Time display: 12h am-pm or 24h military
  • Other display: Date & room temperature
  • Battery life: 16000 mAh long life
  • Battery: Rechargeable

Your lifestyle and Scandinavian wall clock

Our lives revolve around our homes, a place that we love unconditionally. Don’t you want to make your home comfortable and lovely for your relatives and friends too? If yes, then you must know that it may require a peaceful atmosphere and a healthy lifestyle. For this, you would definitely add some gorgeous paintings of landscapes on your walls, and decorate that place with the vase, lights, or candles. Then how could you forget to hang a gorgeous wall clock?

Don’t worry; we have driven an innovative solution for all your problems. To stand out from the crowd, your home needs a small but beautiful touch of a wall clock besides inspiring paintings, sophisticated vases, and furniture. Modern Scandinavian wall clocks will not only maximize the charm of your house but also make it wonderful for the guests.

To whom do we recommend it?

If you are a social person, you would crave for your friends to spend more time with you in your home. Or if you are a businessman, you need a modern and updated office to meet your clients and win more projects. Well, you can achieve these goals by adding a small touch of beauty by hanging Scandi style wall clocks in your homes, outdoors, offices, or anywhere. So, we recommend these unique Scandinavian wall clocks to everyone.

Why choose Scandinavian wall clocks?

Have you ever wondered why the Scandinavians are the happiest people? Well, maybe because they’ve balanced their work-life by managing time. Inspired by their culture, we have chosen the best Scandinavian Wall clocks for you. These wall clocks have outstanding specs and features that you can see in the table section. It will give you a clear idea about choosing Scandinavian wall clocks over ordinary ones.

How you can display it?

You don’t need an expensive background or a luxurious lifestyle to hang the Scandi style wall clocks in your homes. You can make it simple but attractive. Modern Scandinavian wall clocks suit on the plane wall with a warm or light color. You can choose a contrasting color of the wall clock, like a grey Scandi wall clock on a darker wall.


A complete buying guide for you

No matter whether you are using your time or wasting it, every home or office needs a good clock. So, we have brought all types of Scandinavian wall clocks for you to meet your standards. There are many fantastic Scandinavian wall clocks for sale. You can choose one of them for you wisely. But before buying any wall clock, you should consider the following factors:

✓ Battery life
The first thing that the buyer asks about the product is its battery life. Scandinavian Wall clocks have a fantastic 16000mAh long-life battery. You also get a USB cable to charge the battery, it doesn’t need to be plugged in while working.

✓ User friendly
While buying any product online, you should keep the user experience in mind. As the Scandinavian wall clocks are user-friendly and easy to use. You can see the time even in the dark easily. Currently, the most rending wall clocks are Scandi wall clocks in the USA.

✓ Size and shape
Scandinavian wall clocks are formally round in shape and have a diverse variety in their sizes. If you are looking for a wall clock for your main entrance, we would recommend you to choose the large Scandinavian wall clock. But if you want a wall clock for your living room, you can get the best Scandinavian cuckoo wall clocks.

✓ Digital display
The Scandi style wall clocks have an LCD screen that is digital, inaudible, and easy to read. The clock displays a 12-hour am-pm and 24-hour military design. These wall clocks display the room temperature and date as well. Almost everyone is now choosing high-quality Scandinavian Wall clocks in the USA.
It can be used in the dim light that owes to its LCD. The Scandi style wall clocks adapt according to the light, softer lighting when the room is dark. These are the smart sound-controlled clocks, as you just need to clap your hands to change the brightness.

✓ Reasonable price
You can buy the cheapest Scandinavian digital wall clocks according to your budget. It possesses such a functional design that everyone admires it. Isn’t it amazing that you are getting high-quality and premium Scandinavian wall clocks at a cheap price? Yes, it is!


  1. Scandinavian wall clocks have the most demanding functional designs.
  2. These wall clocks have an LCD digital display.
  3. You can see the time, date, and room temperature all at once.
  4. You don’t have to turn the lights on to see the time.
  5. There is no such thing as needles tik-tik in these clocks.
  6. The surface of these clocks is covered with PVC that makes them water-resistant.
  7. These are more ecologically reliable and durable.


  1. These wall clocks are relatively expensive than the regular mechanical clocks.
  2. You need to recharge these clocks frequently.
  3. To be honest we didn’t see any such specific con of Scandi style wall clocks.

Now, what are you waiting for? To buy these unique Scandinavian wall clocks online, you can search the most popular Scandinavian wall clock for 2021 or simply visit the Scandinavian wall clock collection.


1. Do you offer free shipping?
Ans: Yes, we do offer free shipping.

2. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Ans: Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days. 

3. How do you charge the payment?
Ans: We accept payment via Credit Card.

4. Do you offer 24-hour customer service?
Ans: We offer services from 8 am to 9 pm.

5. What is the warranty period of the Scandinavian wall clock?
Ans: It’s two years.

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