How to Hang a Wall Clock without Drilling a Wall?

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Maybe you live in a rented apartment and your landlord won't let you drill holes in the walls, or you just don't want to damage the walls of your own home. There are many situations where you will find yourself looking for ways to fix things to the wall without nails.  

Hanging wall clocks or other decorative objects on a wall without drilling is not as difficult as you might think. In every home, there is always a clock or pendulum that should be hung on the wall. Unfortunately, you think it is unavoidable to drill holes in the wall to insert nails or dowels to hold them in place. Fortunately, there are many other solutions that will allow you to hang a clock or wall clock in a stable and safe way on the walls of a house. It doesn't matter if it is a large or small clock; a round or square clock... Only the weight of the clock will be important.

In this article, we will give you some effective methods to hang a clock without damaging the walls inside your home! Be careful, all the tips presented here will not necessarily be suitable for a heavy clock.

clock on a wall


Fix the clock with an adhesive hook.

You can easily find self-adhesive hooks in stores or on the internet. Be careful not to confuse them with hooks equipped with a suction cup because with the heat they tend to come off, this often happens on kitchen or bathroom tiles. The self-adhesive hooks, mentioned here, are equipped with an epoxy paste which guarantees an excellent waterproofness of the object to be hung. Apply the adhesive part at the desired point and press firmly for at least 30 seconds. To allow the glue to dry properly, wait a little while before hanging the wall clock (at least one hour). With these hooks, the problem of drilling the walls or using unsightly nails is solved! In addition to being very simple to install, it will also be very easy to remove!

clock with an adhesive hook


Hang the clock with double-sided adhesive tape. 

It is ideal for apartment and house tenants! You can use double-sided tape to hang your wall clock. This is also a great idea if you want to move your wall clock in the future. You can find double-sided tape everywhere in supermarkets and at low prices! Make sure that the surface of the clock is flat and clean it before applying the glue strips! The number of quantities you need to use depends on the weight of the clock. The glue strip should be glued first on the clock to be hung and then on the wall. Once applied, press and hold the clock against the wall for 60 seconds and that's it! Your wall clock is stable and secure!

the clock with double-sided tape 


Hanging the clock with Patafix

You can also use patafix to hang your wall clock. It is a product that you can find very easily in the local supermarket. Just cut this paste into several pieces and apply them all along with the frame of the clock. Put a sufficient amount to make sure that the weight of the clock does not come off the wall. The advantage is that you will be able to move the clock very simply from place to place. In addition, it is very resistant to wet rooms. Attention, the patafix is very simple to apply but it will not fit all types of clocks. The "Patafix Propower" can support an object up to 3 kg! We advise you to check the weight of the clock before you start!

the clock with Patafix


Put the clock on a shelf

If your clock is too heavy to hold with the methods mentioned above you can always use a shelf to put it on. Many clocks are designed to stand on a flat surface, such as a shelf or a piece of furniture. This is becoming more and more fashionable with modern decorating styles. If you can't use one of the other options and want to avoid nails in the wall, this can be a great alternative. However, you are not limited to modern clocks. Older clocks can also be arranged this way. No matter what your interior design, there is a clock to suit every style.

clock on a shelf

Buy an adhesive clock

You can opt for a giant wall clock on our website, you won't need to drill your wall! The numbers are self-adhesive, you will just need to remove the protection on the clock's numbers and stick them directly on the wall! Nothing could be simpler!  A ruler is provided to help you during its installation. Only the dial must be hung with one of the solutions presented above (patafix, double-sided tape, adhesive hook). It is very light so all the possibilities presented in this article will work!

For these splendid clocks, three choices of colors are available: gold, silver, and black!

adhesive clock

We hope that these solutions will allow you to hang beautiful clocks or pendulums in the heart of your home to embellish your wall decoration!

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