TOP 6 of the Most Expensive Clock in the World

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We will present you the top 6 of the most expensive clocks and clocks ever sold in the world! Much more than just clocks, they are true works of art! Their designs and features are just great! If you want to buy one of these rare clocks, you will have to save several million euros! These clocks are very expensive because they have a lot of precious stones and a unique history for each of them!

6- Thomas Tompion's clock: 1 800 000€

Thomas Tompion's clock was sold at the Sotheby auction in 1999 for $2 million. Thomas Tompion was a famous 18th century English clockmaker. He is even presented as the greatest watchmaker in England. During his career, he produced about 5,500 watches and 650 clocks. These clocks were so sturdy that they still work today.

This clock is made of gilded brass and tortoiseshell. It is one of the most recognized antique clocks in the world.

5- Clock "Magpie's treasure nest": 2,110,000 €.

Patek Philippe's clock was the most expensive clock sold in 2013 at the Hong Kong sotheby auction. It was expected to potentially sell for $380,000 (approximately €350,000). However, many bidders were eager to purchase this timepiece. The bidding clearly exceeded this amount to end up at $2.31 million (about €2.11 million). It is therefore in fifth place in this ranking. This clock was made in 1992 and has very many details with very many rare and precious stones! There is 18 karat gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, amethyst, agate and mother-of-pearl! The clock has a quartz movement and the dial is made of mother-of-pearl. The trunk, the branches and the nest on the tree are made of eighteen carat gold. The flowers are made of agate stone, ruby and diamond. The petals of its flowers are made of amethyst. At the top of the clock is a bird with a tanzanite stone in its beak. All these characteristics, show us why this clock is a very rare work of art!

4- Automaton clock from the end of the 18th century: 3 300 000€

This clock was coveted by many people and it was finally the famous billionaire, Liu Yiqian, who won the auction for 3.7 million dollars. This masterpiece of Chinese watchmaking comes from the Guangzhou workshop. The Automaton Clock was the highest sale in Germany during Auctionata's online auction in 2015.

3- Chinese Clock in gilt bronze: 3 700 000€

The Chinese clock sold for $4 million at the 2008 Sotheby's auction in Hong Kong. It is in the top 3 of this ranking. The clock, made from 1736-1795, is considered one of the most impressive clocks in the world. The clock features music and automatons made of copper and gilt bronze. The clock is animated by jumping fish, moving birds and rising red curtains.

2- Friendly clock Breguet du Duc d'Orléans: €6,200,000

Breguet's Sympathique clock, which belonged to the Duke of Orleans, sold for $6.8 million at the Sotheby's watch and clock auction in New York in December 2012. This clock became Breguet's most expensive auction item and also the most valuable French timepiece.

The clock had already been sold at auction for $5.7 million in 1999. In 13 years, its value has increased by 17.7% over its last sale.

The maker of this splendid clock was Abraham-Louis Breguet, a Swiss watchmaker. The case of the clock is decorated with a red turtle shell. It is about 60 centimeters high. The amount of gold sculpture is amazing. But it is the little repeater watch perched on top that makes the Duke of Orleans' sympathetic Breguet clock so special! This work is one of the 12 sympathique clocks produced by Breguet and each one was designed specifically for its owners including Napoleon I, King George IV, the Royal Family of Spain, the Imperial Court of Russia. However, this clock, dating from 1835, is the only sympathique clock to combine both a clock and a pocket watch capable of winding, adjusting the time of the clock and its watch thanks to a complex mechanism.


1- Fabergé Rothschild Egg Clock: €12,500,000

The Fabergé Egg Clock was auctioned at Christie's international auction in London on November 28, 2007. The auction went up to £9 million! In addition to being the most expensive clock in the world, it is also the most expensive Fabergé egg of all time! It was made in 1902 by Peter Carl Fabergé as an engagement gift to Baron Edouard de Rothschild, a member of the French banking dynasty. The egg is made of gold and pink enamel. Inside is a rooster that comes out at the top of the clock and beats its wings every half hour!

Its happy owner, Alexander Ivanov, is a Russian billionaire. He is a passionate collector of works of art, especially those from Russia. He owns a collection worth several billion euros. In his art empire, Alexander Ivanov owns in particular no less than four thousand pieces made by Fabergé!

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