Turn a Vinyl Disc into a Decorative Object!

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Turn a Vinyl Disc into a Decorative Object! - My Wall Clock

You may still have some old vinyl records left in the back of a closet or in your attic. That's a shame! Vinyl records are back in fashion. Vinyl turntables and 45t vinyl records are back on the market. In this article, we are going to present you with some decoration ideas to give a second life to your vintage records. We hope that this will inspire you for your interior decoration!

If you don't have any at home, you can easily find used vinyl records in yard sales or in private ads on the internet.

There are three types of vinyl records with different sizes for each:

The 33 rpm vinyl record: this is the largest with a diameter of 30 cm.

The 45 rpm vinyl record: it is the smallest with a diameter of almost 18 cm.

The 78 rpm vinyl disc: Its diameter is 25 cm.

Vinyl records are very "easy to use" and you can do a lot with them. You can fold them, mold them, and cut them into any shape! There are also colored discs. You have the choice to leave them as they are or to paint them, the possibilities are endless!

For this type of creation, there is no need to use rare vinyl records. We advise you to use old unreadable or scratched vinyl records to make your artistic creations! In addition to having a unique product, you contribute to reducing the production of raw material by recycling the one already created! Let's think about the environment!

girl choosing vinyl in a vinyl store

How to paint on a vinyl record?

Many people use vinyl records as support to create beautiful and original paintings! To do this, we will detail the steps to follow to paint a vinyl record:

Clean the disc to remove dirt and dust with a clean cloth.

Apply a coat of primer on the black disc to make it clean to receive the paint.

If you want a solid color on the whole disc, you can use spray paint which is specially designed for this type of material. Two coats may be necessary. Allow drying well between the two coats.

You can now start painting on your disc. For painting the vinyl disc, you have several possibilities: water paint, oil paint, acrylic paint.

melted vinyl

How to melt a vinyl disc?

To make decorative objects from vinyl, you will have to model the disc.  The best way to melt your LP is to place it in an oven. Then it is up to you to position it in different ways to give it the desired shape. For example, you can

To make a vinyl bowl from your record, all you need is an oven-proof container with a smaller circumference than the record. Then preheat the oven to 120 degrees. Turn your pan upside down on a baking sheet and place the vinyl on it. Wait about 3 minutes for your vinyl disc to melt and take the shape of the pan.

Be careful, stay in front of the oven to make sure that everything goes well! Be sure to let the disc cool completely before handling it.

vinyl disc

How do I cut a vinyl disc?

To make some vinyl artwork, you will need to cut your disc. Here is the list of steps to follow :

Put your vinyl disc in an oven at 120 degrees to soften it (about 2 minutes).

Once the disc is softened, take it out of the oven and cut the vinyl with a knife. Be sure to wear oven mitts for this operation.

If the vinyl stiffens before you finish cutting, put it back in the oven for a minute.

If you wish, you can polish the edges with fine sandpaper.


The idea for Creating from Recycled Vinyl Discs

1- Vinyl disc coaster


vinyl disc coaster

Here are completely original coasters that you won't find everywhere! They will become indispensable for your aperitifs! You just have to take a classic vinyl and cut the turn to keep only the center of the disc. You will have to choose a 33t or 45t disc. The 78t vinyls will not be suitable for the realization. 


2- Vinyl jewelry


Vinyl jewelry

Handmade jewelry made of vinyl records! You can make rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces! Let your imagination run wild!

3- Vinyl fruit basket


Vinyl fruit basket

We have given you the steps to follow for this object a little above. You have the possibility to make a corrugated or smooth vinyl bowl.


4- Bookend in a vinyl disc

bookends vinyls


It will be very useful if you are a reading enthusiast. It will bring a retro charm to where you place it and will help you keep your books. Moreover, it is easy to make vinyl decor objects.


5- Vinyl disc coffee table 


Vinyl disc coffee table

Some of these small tables are very simple to create, they will give a vintage style to your living room. Impress your friends at your next meals.


6- Vinyl disc stool

Bring back life to your old outdated stools by bringing them this very original touch to bring them up to date! Very simple to make, stick on the seat one or more 33 rpm or 45 rpm discs depending on the diameter of the seat and that's it!


7- Vinyl disc bottle holder


Vinyl disc bottle holder

These works of art are easy to make, it's up to you whether you prefer to store your bottles on the wall or on a piece of furniture. Both creations are simple, just bend the discs by softening them in the oven and fix them.

8- Vinyl disc photo frame 

The rendering is just great, a great idea to recycle an old record! It could be a very original and above all unique gift to offer!


9- Vinyl record placemat


Vinyl record placemat

For this object, you just have to dust off your old vinyl and put them on your dining room table as a round placemat. Nothing could be simpler! The result is really nice. It doesn't take much to enhance a table decoration for vintage meals!

10- Vinyl disc coat rack

Here's another unique item to have in your home! This vintage-style wall coat rack may be the next decorative addition to your entrance!

11- Vinyl disc bag


vinyl disc handbag

These little vintage handbags will give you a retro look! This could be a personalized gift!


12- Vinyl disc CD holder

The vintage decorative objects that can be very practical to store your favorite movies or albums.


13- Vinyl disc ashtray

Beautiful ashtray that will fit perfectly on your garden table.

14- Vinyl disc pencil pot

Aesthetic and functional, it will accompany you during your creative hobbies.

15- Vinyl disc wall decoration

Hang your records on the wall for a retro musical style, if you have kept the vinyl covers, you can also display them on a wall!

16- Chart with vinyl records

Vinyl record framing gives your room a retro feel.


17- Vinyl disc vase

This vintage vase is rather simple to make. It will be a really atypical retro accessory to receive your flowers.

18- Vinyl disc lamp

You can also make a lamp in the old style. Here are some ideas for desk lamps and vintage chandeliers.

19- Vinyl disc toilet paper dispenser

Both functional and aesthetic, this toilet paper holder is totally unusual. Do not neglect this piece and bring a touch of originality.

20- Vinyl disk clock (vinyl pendulum)

We finish this article with vinyl wall clocks. At My Wall Clock, we offer a range of vinyl clocks, all made from records that are destined to be destroyed. If you like, you can come and discover our complete range. We are sure that you will find the rare piece.

vynil style clock

Finally, there are still a lot of DIY ideas to be made with vinyl records, so let your imagination run wild!

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