12 Original Ways to use a Wall Hanging

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12 Original Ways to use a Wall Hanging - My Wall Clock

Wall hangings, or wall tapestries, have been hung on walls as a decorative or communication object for many centuries. The ancient Egyptians used hangings to wrap the bodies of the dead during their burial 𓂀 As for the Greek Empire, it had several municipal buildings whose walls were covered with tapestries.

As the name implies, a wall hanging's main purpose is to hang on the walls, but it turns out that it can also play other roles! Did you know that you can use a wall hanging as a bedspread or a tablecloth? New or old, a hanging can be used for many purposes!

The following twelve ways to use your hanging will help you get the most out of it. This list is not exhaustive, so you can use your imagination to find other original ways to use your new hangings and give a second life to the old ones!

1. Use your wall hanging as a bedspread

wall hanging bedspread

Why not give your bedroom a beautiful look by covering your bed with a wall hanging? It's a simple way to spruce up your room with a unique and original touch. Wall hangings are available in many styles, patterns and colors to suit all tastes! If you like to change your bedroom decor regularly, this is a simple and affordable solution. Have fun changing the mood of your room by covering your bed with bright wall hangings like Indian or Mandala wall hangings.

2. Hang your hanging at the head of the bed

wall hanging headboard

Want a headboard but don't have one that connects to your bed frame? Or maybe you use a mattress as your bed that sits directly on the floor, making it difficult to add a headboard. A wall hanging can be a great low-cost alternative. Simply hang it directly over your bed where the headboard should be.

Using a wall hanging as a headboard is an incredible way to personalize a bedroom decor with a unique and warm style.

3. Turn your wall hanging into a beach towel

wall hanging beach towel

Planning to enjoy the outdoors at your favorite beach? Don't forget to take your wall hanging with you! You can use it as a beach towel to bask in the sun, drape it over your body to protect yourself from the sun, and even use it as a sarong. Lightweight and easy to carry, just fold it up and store it in your beach bag.

If you like to take pictures at the beach, wall hangings with mandala, elephant, or psychedelic designs will be your best photo props. So pull out your favorite beach hanging, lay on it, and bask in the sun with your feet out!

4. Recycle your wall hanging into gift wrap

wall hanging gift wrap

Have you ever received a gift that was wrapped in a beautiful and original fabric that you could also use afterwards? Wrapping gifts in a wall hanging gives you the opportunity to personalize a gift by giving it a unique and original touch, in the manner of Japanese furoshiki.

This method will allow you, in addition to recycling your old wall hangings, to wrap your gifts more easily. Indeed, who has not already taken the head with gift paper to end up with a gift covered with tape everywhere? Also, if you have a large hanging, you can cut it into smaller sizes to wrap multiple gifts. Using wall hangings for gift wrapping is an original method that can quickly become your personal signature!

5. Convert your wall hanging into a tablecloth

wall hanging tablecloth

One of the easiest ways to change your dining room decor is to use a wall hanging as a tablecloth. There are wall hangings in all colors and sizes, making it easy to choose pieces that match your decorating preferences.

If you want to make your dining room pop, be sure to choose a wall hanging in bright colors. If you want to create a more calming effect in the dining room, then use a wall hanging with pastel or light colors, and that doesn't have a lot of patterns.

6. Revamp your sofa with a wall hanging

wall hanging sofa cover

Give a second life to your old sofa by covering it with an elegant wall hanging. A sofa is an expensive piece of furniture that can't be replaced as easily. However, you can have fun giving it a new look by covering it with a beautiful wall hanging in your own design. A wall hanging will also allow you to hide holes and stubborn stains in your sofa.

Changing the look of your sofa with an old or new wall hanging can be a great solution at a reasonable price!

7. Use your wall hanging as a curtain

wall hanging curtain

Wall hangings are especially useful for filtering the light that comes through the windows in your home or office. Instead of using blinds, hang a hanging on each window and make sure it filters the light in a color that brings a sense of peace and serenity.

Use the color guide below to see what emotions each color is associated with:

  • Red: anger, passion
  • Green: envy, nature, calm
  • Blue: sadness, calm
  • White: purity, innocence
  • Black: darkness
  • Orange : attention
  • Pink : romantic, kind
  • Purple : Illuminating, rich, mysterious
  • Yellow : Happy, warm, energetic

8. Turn your wall hanging into a pillowcase

wall hanging pillowcase

If you love to craft and sew, wall hanging can be a great way to add style to your pillows, cushions, ottomans, and even your pet's bed.

We regularly change pillowcases in our bedroom, and if not for hygienic reasons, it immediately changes the look of our bed and therefore our bedroom. You can also have fun bringing elegance to your living room with a chic pillow that you will make from a carefully chosen wall hanging.

9. Convert your wall hanging into a meditation mat

wall hanging meditation mat

Do you practice meditation at home to regain control of your wandering mind and relax? Wall hangings can be used as meditation mats. Opt for pretty Indian or hippie wall hangings, and focus on your breath as well as your third eye 🧘. However, if yoga is part of your daily routine, we can't recommend Namasty Boutique enough for their quality products.

10. Cover your furniture with a hanging

wall hanging furniture cover

Turn your traditional furniture into unique pieces by dressing them up with a wonderful wall hanging. When your furniture is old and full of scratches, an artistic fabric can give it a beautiful look. It's also a great solution to protect them from dust.

11. Use your wall hanging as a picnic towel

wall hanging picnic towel

Have you ever been to a park and wished you had brought a blanket or towel? You can use a wall hanging as a picnic towel. Lightweight and easy to carry, some will even fit in your purse.

Not only are wall hangings great for picnics in the park, but they're also great for music festivals and hikes because they're so light and comfortable.

12. Dress up your ceiling with a wall hanging

wall hanging ceiling design

When decorating a room, we often forget that the ceiling can be a great decorative space. Hanging wall hangings from the ceiling is a great way to create three-dimensional spaces in your rooms and make them feel warm. A light colored wall hanging on the ceiling can even create a sense of extra vertical space in the room.

If you want to know how to hang a wall hanging on the ceiling, read our article specially dedicated to the issue.

Now you know the main other ways to use a wall hanging, whether it's new or old. Now it's your turn to get creative and find new ways to give your lovely wall hangings a second life!

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