How to Hang Tapestries from The Ceiling?

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How to Hang Tapestries from The Ceiling? - My Wall Clock

If the reference location to hang its wall hanging is undoubtedly the wall, there are other original places to hang it, such as the ceiling! It is a wonderful way to bring color to the bare ceiling of our rooms by creating a warm atmosphere. But to prevent your wall hanging from falling on your head while you sleep, here are some simple tips on how to hang it safely from the ceiling!

One of the best ways to hang your wall hanging is with Velcro. This technique, which reminds us of the Velcro on our sneakers back when we didn't know how to tie our shoelaces, will allow the entire hanging to be held to the ceiling, making sure that it is perfectly stretched. This method is also perfect for the maintenance of the hanging which can be easily removed, washed and put back.

tapestry on a ceiling

Depending on the mood you want to create in your room, you can opt for a mandala hanging, ideal for calming the spirits; a nature hanging, perfect for escaping or a psychedelic hanging to bring color into your daily life.

How to hang a tapestry on a ceiling

So get yourself a ruler, a pencil and some adhesive Velcro, then follow these steps:

  • Step 1:

Depending on the length and width of the hanging you choose, measure for each side of your hanging a length of Velcro tape slightly shorter than the lengths of the hanging.

Tip #1: Depending on the weight of your hanging, it will be necessary to use more Velcro strips or wider strips. Since the hangings we offer are flexible, one strip per side or four strips in all will suffice! 👍

Tip #2: Mark with a pencil on the ceiling to mark out the location of your hanging.

  • Step 2:

Place each cut Velcro strip one by one behind each side of your hanging, making sure to press down so the adhesive side sticks to the hanging.

Tip #3: For more adhesion with the hanging, feel free to sew one side of the Velcro to the hanging using the same color thread.

Now that the Velcro strips are positioned on the back side of your hanging, gradually place one side of the hanging on the ceiling, making sure to press well so that the adhesive side sticks to the ceiling. Do this side by side until your hanging is completely attached to the ceiling and well stretched.

Tip #4: For even more adhesion of the hanging to the ceiling, use your hot glue gun and put it along the Velcro strip that will be in contact with the ceiling.

tapestry design on a ceiling

That's it, the trick is done! Now you can lie down with your hands behind your head and admire your work like Michelangelo would admire the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel! 🤩

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