How to Hang your Wall Hanging: The Different Methods

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How to Hang your Wall Hanging: The Different Methods - My Wall Clock

It's not always easy to decorate the walls of your bedroom or living room, especially when you're a tenant or don't want to undertake major work. For this, the wall hanging is the ideal solution to transform a room quickly, easily and at low cost. This large piece of fabric will allow you to hide an old wallpaper or a damaged wall, to dress up a large white wall and to bring a personal touch to your interior decoration.

Before Hanging your wall hanging, you must know where to put it

The wall hanging, as its name suggests, is a large fabric intended to be hung against a wall. However, nothing prevents you from breaking the codes to dare a unique and original decoration. You will then see that the field of possibilities opens to you and that a simple hanging can have various and varied uses.

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The ultimate wall decoration

The wall hanging is the ideal wall decoration to transform a room in a snap of the fingers. Moreover, this fabric can be declined in an infinite number of prints: mandala, bohemian, Indian, psychedelic, elephant... With a wall hanging reflecting your personality, you will finally feel at home. Beyond the decorative aspect, the wall hanging also has other advantages. The addition of a textile material to the wall immediately creates a warm and comforting atmosphere in a room while providing some acoustic comfort.

The bedroom remains the best place to hang a wall hanging. By covering the wall near the bed, this night space will look like a real cocoon where it is good to take refuge to forget the worries of everyday life.

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Of course, it is quite possible to decorate other rooms in the house with a hanging. This wall decoration will perfectly find its place above the sofa, in the living room for example. In this case, choose a fabric with warm colors and dynamic shapes to transform your living room into a welcoming and friendly space. The hanging is also ideal in an office or a children's playroom.

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On the other hand, avoid rooms where the fabric might be exposed to moisture and odors, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Hang the hanging from the ceiling for an original decoration

For a cocooning atmosphere in your room, why not hang your wall hanging from the ceiling? This large piece of fabric will warm up the coldness of the high and empty ceiling above your bed.

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Two methods to hang your wall hanging

Hanging a wall hanging can be a tedious task, especially when it is a thick and heavy wallpaper. To make it easier for you, most of our wall hangings are made of a cotton and polyester blend to create a lightweight, durable and tear-resistant fabric.

The quick and easy way to attach a wall hanging at a low price

The quickest and easiest way to hang your wall hanging is with tacks or small nails, provided your wall is not made of concrete (if it is, opt for a no-hole fixing method). This technique is very useful to hang your wall hanging quickly and easily, while leaving you the possibility to change its place whenever you want.

Depending on the size of your hanging, you will need to use four, six or eight tacks or nails. The more tacks you use, the less likely it is that your hanging will stretch between the different attachment points. A tip to prevent the top part from curling is to glue a wooden or plastic rod to the back of your hanging to stiffen this area.

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Hang a wall hanging without making a hole in the wall

If you can't make a hole in your wall to hang your wall hanging (concrete wall, owner who is picky about the condition of the walls...), the solution is to use double-sided tape. In order to guarantee a long-lasting hold of the hanging, it is preferable to unroll a strip of double-sided tape all along the four sides of the fabric. Double-sided tape is the best way to hang a hanging without holes, tacks or drilling.

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