Best Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging Decoration Tips

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Best Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging Decoration Tips - My Wall Clock

Macramé is an obvious choice when it comes to creating a warm and natural atmosphere at home. This wall decoration is a must in the bohemian style and is gradually inviting itself in the Scandinavian decoration.

Macramé is an ancestral and artisanal art of weaving rope with various knots, and it has the advantage of allowing an infinite number of creations that are limited only by our imagination. From the garland at the head of the bed to the hanging of flowerpots, through the simple wall hanging, macramé is making a triumphant comeback and has definitely everything to please.

Browse the rest of this article and let yourself be convinced by these macramé-based decorating ideas.

Create a warm and welcoming bohemian decor with a macramé wall

Macrame is a subtle combination of wood and natural fiber that sounds like a return to the real, the fundamental and the artisanal. This weaving technique requires a lot of patience and, by observing the cords braided and knotted with precision to form simple and elegant patterns, you will be able to feel all the calm and serenity that emanates from macramé.

macrame interior decor

In a cold and soulless room, the macramé wall hanging brings warmth and originality. Associated with the bohemian decoration, the macramé wall hanging is a real invitation to travel, to escape and blow a wind of vacation in your home, a desire to live day by day without question.

Izara Wall Macrame

Izara Wall Macrame

With its natural material and color, macramé wall hangings can be combined with many interior styles and will find a place in almost every room of your house: bedroom, living room, office and even the baby's room. Just don't place your macramé wall hanging in a space that is too humid or near an odor source, as the natural fibers may be damaged or retain unpleasant odors.

Hanging beautiful macramé garlands in the room

Macramé wall hangings are also available in the form of garlands, of varying lengths. These macramé garlands are really beautiful and fill the role of headboard wonderfully. The bedroom is an ideal room to hang a macrame on the wall, it is a quiet space and the natural material on the wall will bring the warmth and comfort needed to feel good at home. The long macramé garlands can also be hung above the sofa in the living room.

macramé garlands

Bring color to your home decor with dyed macramé

Wall macramé is very popular with its natural beige color, but there are also versions of dyed macramé to bring a delicate touch of color to one's home decor.

Most of the time, it's colored tassels that add color to the hanging, as you can see on the Lili Macrame Wall Hanging. The colors are kept in pastel tones so as not to clash with the soothing and natural feel of macramé. Some macramé wall hangings are fully dyed with a nice gradient effect like on this beautiful Yellow Macramé Wall Hanging that brings the sunshine into your home.

dyed color macramé

Adding touches of greenery with macramé hangers

In all honesty, this macramé decoration is our favorite, not only because it allows you to hang pretty flowerpots everywhere in your house, but also because the result is just beautiful.

Everyone knows that a little touch of greenery at home has beneficial effects on health, but we don't always have the space to add a flower pot. What if, to avoid cluttering your shelves or windowsills, you could hang your little planters in pretty macramé?

Macramé Flowerpot Hanger

Macramé Flowerpot Hanger

These macramé flowerpot hangers make great original gifts for a housewarming or mother's day, so write this idea down in the corner of your head and you'll thank us later ;)

For even more ideas on how to decorate with a macramé wall, check out our collection of macramé wall hangings.

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