How do I Choose a Wall Clock for my Home?

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How do I Choose a Wall Clock for my Home? - My Wall Clock

Want to renew your interior decoration? You have thought about buying a wall clock but you don't know which one to choose. It is true that the clock is not necessarily the priority accessory. However, clocks bring a lot of class and originality to your interior decoration.

You can install it in your living room or your kitchen. For sure, you will amaze your friends when they discover the giant wall clock hanging in your living room. Like a work of art, they will approach it with curiosity. They will examine with pleasure all the details of this unique object.
It is important to choose your clock carefully. Because it gives all its splendor and illuminates your decoration. It brings out the color of your mural. It completes the decoration spirit that you want to put forward. The bad choice of a clock risks creating a mixture of style.

Currently, we are immersed in new technologies. Computers have taken precedence over traditional objects. Indeed, we like novelty. However, home decoration magazines are increasingly praising vintage. We like the return to the old style like furniture or traditional materials like woven fiber baskets.
Antique wall clocks have also become very sought after by decorators. They like to add them to complete the country style of interiors. It's a real return to the roots.
However, the style of the clocks has undergone some changes with the creative work of designers. Associated with metal, industrial wall clocks find their perfect place in our contemporary homes.

You wish to have a maximum of information to choose your wall clock. Then you are at the right place. I am passionate about interior design. I master everything you need to know about wall clocks.
Let's discover together what you need to know about the size, structure and colors of wall clocks. It is also about taking into account your style of interior decoration.


How Big Should Wall Clock be?

The size of the wall clock is the first question to ask. It is the most important point to make sure you make the right choice. Because we do not change the clock every year!
You must determine where you will put it. On which wall do you think it will be really highlighted? Allow enough space near the clock. It should not be hung next to objects that would hide it. Here is an important clarification: if a clock has a diameter of 50 cm, once placed, there must be 25 cm of free space around it.
Exceptionally, the clock can be hung near other decorations. The aim is simply to create a special atmosphere.
First of all, it is necessary that the clock takes into account the surface of the room. It is obvious that a large clock cannot be installed in a small living room! The space occupied by the clock should not be more than a third of the wall. It is also important to know how to hang the clock safely.


space on wall to install wall clock

Which color to choose for your wall clock?

Choosing the color is an important step. You are afraid of making a mistake. It is quite normal! When you decide on the color for your walls, it is always a bit difficult. For the color of the clock to choose, the process is a little different.
Indeed, you take into account the existing. Your mural or wallpaper determines the colors that you can choose for your clock. For example, at home, you arranged your living room in the Scandinavian style. Your wall is gray. Opt for a white wooden clock. It will certainly illuminate your interior. Enough to give you the morale for the whole day!

Give yourself also the opportunity to bring joy of life in your home. The clocks in various colors bring an aesthetic touch to your home. Warm colors such as ochre or brick red complete an African atmosphere. A clock where black dominates gives a mysterious impression.
After thinking about the color, it is then a matter of thinking about the material that structures the clocks.


girl choosing color

Which material to choose for your wall clock?

You like the authenticity of noble materials? Then, do not hesitate ! Opt for a quality wooden clock. It is a beautiful, solid and durable piece. It can be transmitted from generation to generation. 

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You want to complete your decoration by adding an industrial clock. Metal and iron are the two materials that come from factories. Metal clocks have become real decorative objects. They are remarkable and astonishing. 

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Do you have a sudden urge for originality? Treat yourself to clocks made of synthetic materials. Indeed, acrylic allows you to make personalized clocks. They are more fragile than those made of metal or wood. But they offer exceptional designs absolutely incredible.
Glass and crystal are also materials used in the manufacture of wall clocks.
The choice of the style of wall clock is also based on the decoration of your home. Our glass design wall clock is proof of this.


which material to choose for a wall clock

Which style of wall clock to choose?

Which style of wall clock to choose?
In order to choose exactly the style of your clock, it is essential to be familiar with interior design styles. Every clock has a well-defined character. The most important thing is to be able to create a beautiful harmony between your interior atmosphere and the wall clock.

The style "design": it is to seek the novelty in each epoch. We break the traditional codes. We seek to amaze. Some design clocks manage to amaze us.
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The "industrial" style: it takes up everything that characterizes the industrial era. The gears, the wrought iron, the metal give the clocks their powerful and technical character.  They need space to shine.

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The "Scandinavian" style: minimalist and with pure lines, the clocks reinvent themselves in all simplicity. The wood comes straight from the Nordic countries. The light gray and white colors combined with the naturalness of the wood gives a warm and cool atmosphere. A trendy style that can be found in our Scandinavian clocks.

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The " Modern " style: simple, with elegant and straight lines, this style does not clutter up with the superfluous. Like our modern clocks, the interiors are practical, comfortable and tidy.

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From now on, the criteria to offer you your wall clock do not have any more secrets for you.

Choose your wall clock in harmony with your interior decoration.

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