TOP 10 of our Best Original Wall Clocks!

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TOP 10 of our Best Original Wall Clocks! - My Wall Clock

It's back to school! What if we took the opportunity to buy some interior decoration? Why not something that changes from the ordinary like a new clock? So we offer you a top 10 of our best original wall clocks!

Number 10: The original Scandinavian wall clock

You are not too adventurous? You still like the classic ... Opt for a Scandinavian wall clock. With its branch-shaped hands you add a touch of madness! With a basic size of 30cm and a weight of one kilogram this clock will bring a touch of originality while bringing a unique style.


Number 9: A wall clock for the kitchen

The kitchen is often an abandoned place and far too simplistic! Add a touch of decadence with a fake stove-shaped clock! Hang it next to the others and enjoy something unique. Red and metal, it is easy to install and will intrigue everyone passing by the kitchen.

Number 8: Another ? for the kitchen

If you are not convinced by our first proposal you can always take another one even more original! This original kitchen wall clock is equipped with cutlery, its hands are a fork and a knife. The top for the kitchen!



Number 7 : Do you speak english ?

Learning English is not always easy ... And the time isn't even mentioned ! It is now possible to have fun learning with an educational clock. If it's for your children, no more homework !


english course clock

Number 6: Have you thought about the garage?

When we talk about wall decoration we don't necessarily think about the garage right away, but a beautiful wall clock with a motorcycle can bring charm to this room. Handymen love it!


motocross vynil wall clock

Number 5 : Stay discreet ...

We all have little secrets! Or valuables that we want to keep safe. A wall clock with secret storage can be a perfect compromise between practicality and usefulness.


Number 4: Meditation is good!

After a long day at work you may want to relax. Why not with a little yoga session? If you don't have a teacher, a small guide to the poses with this yoga wall clock can be useful and even rather motivating! It's up to you to try the 12 poses.


yoga wall clock

Number 3: Original wall clock while remaining design!

Who says you can't be design and original at the same time? Minimalist representing a turbine, this original design wall clock draws its charm from a pure and incongruous style.


plane turbine wall clock

Number 2: Black 3D printing wall clock

With technology it is now possible to create more and more extravagant and original objects. This black wall clock is the proof! Conceived with a new process using 3D printers it stands out from other clocks with its large numbers emerging from 8.2 cm.


3d extruded black wall clock

Number 1: Original wooden wall clock

Made with a unique piece of natural wood this original wooden wall clock represents a honeycomb. Perfect to illuminate a room and impress your guests!

honeycomb wooden wall clock

Bonus : Original moneyboxes

Another object is not to be outdone when it comes to originality! And for good reason our partner tirelissimo and its original piggy banks know how to propose practical and useful originality in our daily life.

Don't forget: "Time doesn't count for those who don't know it. ...".

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