How to Choose your Wall Hanging ?

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How to Choose your Wall Hanging?

So, you've made the decision to choose a wall hanging to decorate your walls, but faced with the different varieties, sizes, and styles of wall hangings, a new question arises: which wall hanging to choose? Here are some tips to help you make the best choice.

Find the pattern that fits your personality

As we all know, the way we decorate our home and treat our environment reflects our personality. Choosing a wall hanging will not only beautify your walls, but will also express who you really are.

If you come home to a place that inspires calm and serenity, a mandala or Indian wall hanging will be perfect to give your rooms a peaceful atmosphere. These hangings are also ideal for meditation and yoga enthusiasts.

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For nature lovers, you can opt for the enchanting landscapes of Nordic wall hangings or for the wisdom and quiet strength that mandala wall hangings will inspire. If your houseplants bring you joy, hang them on the walls via a wall macramé. This technique will not only clear up the clutter in your windows and balconies, but will also show off your houseplants beautifully.

If you want to bring cheerfulness and color to your white walls, don't hesitate to opt for a hippie or even a psychedelic wall hanging.

If, on the other hand, you want to adopt a sober and minimalist style while making your walls look good, a white macramé wall hanging will do the trick.

As Georges-Louis Leclerc de Buffon said, "Style is man," so let your personality shine through even through the style of your walls!

Select a size of hanging adapted to your interior

The size of your wall hanging will depend on the size of your walls. You will have to make sure that the size of your wall hanging is proportional to the wall on which you wish to hang it. Ideally, your wall hanging should be centered on the wall and there should be space around it.

If you have a large wall, you should choose a large hanging and not a small one that would look strange on your wall. On the other hand, if your wall is small, choose a small hanging and not a large one. Indeed, a hanging that covers the entire wall of a small room, will have the effect of shrinking it.

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Don't forget to leave an extra space around your hanging to hang a curtain rod if you want to hang your hanging that way.

Which fabric for my wall hanging?

The different fibers used in the fabrics of the wall hangings we offer are: cotton, polyester, linen and microfiber.

Depending on your taste, you can choose a wall hanging made of polyester whose fabric is strong and does not wrinkle. Microfiber-based wall hangings have a silky effect and are easy to maintain. Some wall hangings are made from a blend of different fibers, such as cotton and polyester or cotton and linen, to provide extra strength and thickness to the fabric. We also offer wall hangings like macramé wall hangings that are made of 100% cotton.

So now you have all the tools you need to choose the wall hanging that will make your wall the perfect place to express your personality and creativity!

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