How to Get Wrinkles out of a Tapestry?

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How to Get Wrinkles out of a Tapestry?

Like any fabric, wall hangings can wrinkle during delivery or show creases after cleaning. These wrinkles usually disappear once you hang your wall hanging on the wall and it is tight, using the Velcro method for example.

However, if you have decided to hang your hanging using a curtain rod or clothespins, it will hang more loosely, and in this case, you will need to get rid of those wrinkles before hanging it on your wall.

So here are some simple techniques to help you smooth out your wall hanging without damaging it.

Our techniques to Get Wrinkles out of Tapestry

  • Technique #1:

Lay your wall hanging on the floor and place a sheet or tablecloth over it to protect it from dust (or your cat). Then place heavy objects (such as books or weights) on top of your hanging to get rid of the wrinkles. After a few days, all the wrinkles will usually be gone.

  • Technique #2:

To remove wrinkles from your hanging, you can weight the bottom of the hanging with magnets. This will make your hanging tighter and the wrinkles will disappear.

  • Technique #3:

Steam iron your hanging at a minimum or medium temperature. To do this, lay your hanging on the floor (face down), and place a sheet or tablecloth between the back of your hanging and the iron. Do not move the iron back and forth, but place it in one spot, wait a few moments and then move it to the next spot.

  • Technique #4:

    women steam iron a Tapestry

Use a steam iron if you have one. You can use it directly on the hanging on the wall but be careful not to overuse it because too much moisture and heat could damage your hanging.

Want to know more about how to clean your wall hanging optimally? Visit our article to discover all our tips for cleaning and dusting a wall hanging.

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