How to Clean a Tapestry Picture?

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How to Clean a Tapestry Picture? - My Wall Clock

So, you're the proud owner of a beautiful wall hanging and you're wondering how to clean it without damaging or fading it?

While wall hangings are not as exposed to traffic as rugs or carpets, these beautiful decorative objects do get their share of dust, cigarette smoke and moisture. Even when hung on the wall, a wall hanging is not safe from the curious hands of children and will quickly become covered in paint, ink or even oil stains!

You can follow our general tips for maintaining a wall hanging to avoid getting it dirty, but once your hanging is dirty, you can't avoid cleaning it. Don't worry, no stain or dirt can resist our cleaning tips.

Wall hangings are generally low-maintenance, and if you follow these few cleaning instructions you can increase the life and beauty of your hanging.


Before proceeding to the cleaning of the hanging itself, it is recommended to dust it with a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer. This step may be sufficient on its own and can be applied periodically to maintain your hanging. However, if your hanging has stains or you feel it needs a deeper cleaning, move on to the next step.

Our advice:

  • Wear a mask before dusting to avoid inhaling dust, especially if you are allergic to it.
  • You can spread the hanging on the floor or leave it on the wall before dusting. It's up to you to decide what's most convenient for you.
  • If you use a vacuum cleaner: make sure you use the T-shaped nozzle for deep dusting.
  • If you use a hair dryer:it should be plugged into cold air and pointed at the hanging before being turned on.
  • Some draperies have beads or tassels, so be careful not to vacuum them along with the dust.

If you feel that this step is not sufficient or that your hanging has stains, proceed to the next step.


Can you clean your wall hanging in the washing machine? This question is often asked and the answer depends on your wall hanging and the instructions of the supplier. All of our wall hangings can be cleaned in the washing machine as long as you follow a few instructions to avoid discoloring or damaging them.

Machine cleaning

Follow these tips to keep your drapery as beautiful as the day you received it.

Our advice:

  • It may seem obvious, but never clean your drapery with bleach. It will wash out all the colors.
  • Always wash the curtain in a cold cycle. Do not exceed 30°C, especially if your hanging is made of cotton.
  • Use a soft and natural detergent or Marseille soap.
  • Do not wash your curtain at the same time as your clothes. This could damage the fabric or cause color transfer.
  • If your hanging has beads or tassels, put it in a washing net to prevent these decorative elements from coming loose when in contact with clothes or other items.
  • Do not wring out.
  • Dry in the open air and out of the sun.

Cleaning by hand

You can also clean your wall hanging by hand, we advise you to do so especially if it is a cotton hanging.

Our advice:

  • Pass a cloth impregnated with cold water over the entire wall hanging.
  • Soak another cloth with white vinegar and clean your hanging by rubbing sufficiently (⚠️don't clean your hanging with ammonia if you are not used to it, the wrong dosage can create health problems).
  • Rinse your hanging with cold water and dry it out of the sun.

How to remove oil or ink stains from your tapestry wall hanging?

To get rid of an oil stain, pour a little water mixed with dishwashing liquid on the stain and rub for a few minutes. Then wash your wall hanging in the washing machine at 30° and let it dry in the open air.

To get rid of an ink stain, put mild detergent or alcohol on the stain and rub it for a few moments. Then wash your hanging in the washing machine at 30 degrees. If the stain persists, do this again.

Now you know everything. Remember that a hanging does not need to be cleaned frequently but periodically. And when the need arises, these simple tips will help you keep it looking good for a long time!

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