What is a Wall Hanging Tapestry?

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What is a Wall Hanging Tapestry? - My Wall Clock

When it comes to decorating your walls, novices and experienced interior decorators alike have heard of the wall hanging option. A must-have item to dress up your walls and create a warm and friendly environment, wall hangings are a quick, practical and economical alternative. But first, what is a wall hanging?

What does the word "wall hanging Tapestry" mean?

Hanging is a piece of decorative fabric generally intended for wall decoration. In addition to being used to decorate your walls by offering your rooms a style of your own, the hanging can have other uses for the most creative!

Indeed, a hanging can be used as an ornamental fabric by embellishing wonderfully your beds and furniture. It can also be used as a curtain or to separate your rooms into different atmospheres, for example by creating a reading or relaxation corner in your room. Some people will not hesitate to take it with them to the beach or on a picnic. In short, you will have understood, the hanging is not limited to decorate the walls although it is its main destination.

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Hanging or tapestry, what is the difference?

Tapestry seen in the castle of Chantilly

Tapestry seen in the castle of Chantilly

Translated into English by wall tapestry, the wall hanging should not be confused with the tapestry as we know it. Indeed, historically, the tapestry was a large piece of fabric covering the walls of castles and intended to insulate them from the cold.

During the medieval period, tapestry became a real decorative art, as shown by the famous tapestry of the Apocalypse that some of you have certainly had the chance to admire at the castle of Angers. The wall hanging will not isolate your walls from the cold but will fulfill its role of wall decoration by embellishing your rooms and creating warm places.

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