How to Make a Homemade Wall Clock : 8 Original Ideas

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How to Make a Homemade Wall Clock : 8 Original Ideas - My Wall Clock

Hello everyone, in this article, we will show you that it is possible and even very easy to make a homemade wall clock with everyday objects that are no longer used or are meant to be thrown away. Thus, you will have understood that you will reduce your waste while making useful everyday objects.

How to Make a Homemade Wall Clock?

To make a clock (mural or not), it is straightforward; you just have to have these three objects in your possession: 

  • a mechanism.
  • Hands.
  • Support.

The mechanism is straightforward to find in the trade at a low price. You can also buy needles with the mechanism or make your own.

To combine these elements, you have to make a hole in the holder, slide the mechanism, and add the needles. Next, add a power source (AA battery), set the machine to the time, and here is your clock ready to display the time. Finally, there are some decorative steps to add if you want to have a personalized clock to your taste.

tools to make a wall clock

8 ideas of original clocks easy to make :

A few picture ideas show the results obtained by using everyday materials and objects to make clocks easily with your little hands.

1) Cardboard clock

To make a cardboard wall clock, this is very simple. Just take cardboard big enough to represent a clock (the one from your last Amazon package, for example). Drill a hole in the center with a chisel or a cutter, pass the mechanism through it, install the hands, and that's it. Ideal as a practical and creative activity with children.

how to make a Cardboard clock

2) Cork clock

If you have cork coasters that you don't use anymore, it's time to use them! They are generally very round and at the perfect size to make a beautiful clock. Moreover, it gives a new life to this object which has served you valiantly for many years.

how to make a Cork clock

It is also possible to keep the corks of the bottles to stick them together and make a very original clock. It certainly takes time, but the result is worth it and again allows you to throw less.

3) Clock with a vinyl

It is possible to recover its old 33 laps to make a clock. We know this very well at My-Wall-Clocks because we are the first to make clocks by recycling vinyl. Do not hesitate to visit our collection of vinyl wall clocks if you are interested.

4) Clock in pallet

By using palettes as support, the result can become very interesting. The advantage of the pallet is that it is easy to cut out pieces to replace them and give them a chosen shape. Let your creativity play; effect guaranteed

how to make a pallet clock

5) Clock in LEGO

These small stacking bricks can also be used to make a wall clock worthy of the name, and the advantage is that if you want to change the shape or size, add or remove LEGO. Who said children's boys couldn't tell time with originality? 😉

how to make a lego clock

6) Clock with photos

Why not reorganize the placement of your photo frames to form a circle and place a mechanism with needles in the center?


We offer similar clocks in our photo wall clock collection. Feel free to have a look at them; they're perfect for personalizing your decor with your best memories while having a practical side by displaying the time.

7) Clock with plates

Small, simple, and efficient, it is possible to make a clock with a cardboard plate. The advantage is that these plates are cheap, so it is possible to quickly create different designs/decorations.


plate clocks

It is also possible to make a clock with porcelain plates for the more resourceful, but it is at your own risk. Note that these clocks were trendy at the time.

8) Clock with a camembert box

You probably haven't thought about it, but even pie boxes are suitable to create an original clock. Small in size, they are fun to make and offer the possibility of not throwing them in the trash, giving new life and functionality to these small boxes.

camenbert clocks

My-Wall-Clock: The number one clock store 

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I hope that you have been able to make beautiful clocks with everyday objects that were lying around your home with this article. Let us know in a comment which idea you liked best.

If you are still feeling creative with your children, feel free to read our article explaining how to draw an hourglass step by step.

We look forward to telling you the time 🕒,

My-Wall-Clock TEAM

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