What are the TOP 15 Most Popular Ways to Decorate Walls?

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What are the TOP 15 Most Popular Ways to Decorate Walls? - My Wall Clock

Looking for wall decoration ideas for your home? Discover here the top 15 easy-to-implement decorating ideas from around the world.


Remember that the best wall decoration is still the one you like. After all, you're the one who will see it every day.

TOP 15 of the Best Wall Decorating Ideas:

Idea 1: The Wall Hanging

We start this TOP with one of the best wall decorations: the wall hanging tapestry. 

Why not try a cotton wall hanging? The cotton wall hangings are an easy way to add color and pattern to your space. With many patterns and colors to choose from, you'll find the perfect piece of art for your home.

In My Wall Clock, we have a stunning mandala wall hanging collection, every mandala comes with a different design and is made up of yarn that will never loose its colors. Add some style to your home with our mandala wall hangings.

We have some very detailed guides to easily set up and hang your wall hanging!

mandala tibetan wall hanging


Idea 2: The Plant Wall

We continue this TOP with the idea that is not the easiest to realize, but that will make your interior stand out: the plant wall. It brings life (literally and figuratively) to your internal and allows you to breathe better at home. In short, it is the top. So, for the most curious, here is an article on how to create a plant wall.


Idea 3: Wall Plates

Hanging plates on the wall can seem like a crazy idea. It is, however, a decoration idea that gives an original side to a habitat. For example, you can put a wall plate from each country on your wall to give it a unique style!


Idea 4: Wall Clocks

The wall clock is undoubtedly an essential element when it comes to wall decoration. Whether you or your guests, everybody will look at it at least once to know the time. A beautiful clock, in addition to dressing a wall, will bring charm to your wall decoration. People will no longer look at the time out of necessity but out of pleasure! So don't hesitate to take a look at our wall clocks.


Idea 5: Wall Mirrors

No need to be selfish to love mirrors! Mounted on a wall, mirrors will give depth to the room in which they are placed. Moreover, with several mirrors, it is possible to make geometrical design shapes! There is even a mirror clock.

 wall mirror

Idea 6: Wall Weaves

Wall weavings are very little known and yet very trendy. Ideal for dressing white walls, they are easily found in big signs. You can also create them with your own hands, but you will have to be patient, the result will be better!

 wall weaves

Idea 7: Wallpapers

Want to completely change the decoration of your wall without too much effort? Then wallpaper is for you! The main advantage is that it can cover all the walls of a room without redoing all the paint. When we hear wallpaper, we often think of something bland and cheap, but nowadays, there is very high-quality wallpaper available.


Idea 8: Wall World Map

Combining geography and interior design: world maps are a great way to fill a large wall. You can then dream about your next vacation destination or show your guests which countries you've already visited. In the same idea, we also offer world map clocks.

 world map

Idea 9: The 5-piece Paintings

Composed of a picture cut in 5 parts: The 5 pieces painting is an excellent way to decorate the walls of your house at a lower cost. Indeed these paintings are painted with specialized printers, which explains their low cost. They are nevertheless of high quality with an impressive effect.


Idea 10: 3D Animal Heads

With the 3D printers being democratized, we can now have a wall decoration composed of animal heads. Without having to kill them, isn't it great? Design and original rendering will impress more than one! Of course, it's not given to every wallet (100 USD minimum), but the wow effect is guaranteed.

 animal head

Idea 11 : Wall Stickers

Easy to install and inexpensive, the stickers allow you to fill a space on the wall while bringing more cheerfulness to the room. Easy to install, just let your imagination run wild.


Idea 12: Photo Frames

Nothing like a personal touch in your interior design to bring out what you love. That's why a photo frame wall is the perfect element to display your best memories while decorating the wall space. Moreover, it is very easy for you to change the photos inside, thus renewing your decoration regularly or not. Classic but always effective.

 photo frame

Idea 13 : Wall Shelves

What could be better than combining usefulness and design? Shelves are perfect for that. Often made of wood, they bring a relief to the walls on which they are placed. Be careful however not to overload them too much at the risk of making a mess.

 wall shelves

Idea 14: The Wall Tile

The tile is not reserved only for the floor. Although very often used in bathrooms, a well installed colored tile can be an excellent wall decoration in any room, even the dining room!

 wall tile

Idea 15: Light Garlands

The wall decoration also requires good lighting. The light garlands are there for that and although connoted as being specific to the Christmas period, they are nevertheless a very trendy decorative object. Perfect for the bedroom, perfect behind the headboard.

 light garlands

Bonus: The Wall Slate

The slate wall allows you to change its design whenever you want. Write your shopping list, draw a dragon, make a tic-tac-toe, etc... are all imaginable possibilities. Fits perfectly in the kitchen, bedrooms, dining room. The only limit? Your imagination!

wall slate

That's the end of the TOP 15 of wall decoration ideas, I hope you will have liked them and been inspired by them. Don't hesitate to comment on the one you liked best and to suggest your other ideas!

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